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  • Diesel Conditioners - Opinion

    Interested for current thoughts on use of diesel conditioners - Flashlube / Chemtech etc in NP DID
    Any problems & just personal preference as to better product?

    (sorry if this has already been done to death but thought might be relevant with NS etc)

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    Originally posted by 72yellow View Post
    Interested for current thoughts on use of diesel conditioners - Flashlube / Chemtech etc in NP DID
    Didn't know new gen. diesel needed them...unless you had fungi or moisture problems....

    must be fickle about their fuel if you have to taint it up with perfume before they'll burn it...
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      I have been reliably informed by a diesel engineer (as opposed to a diesel mechanic) that the use of a 'quality' fuel additive is most definitely worth it in modern diesels. I use Chemtec once every 2 or 3 fills (20ml in a full tank). It feels better with it in the tank (checks show better economy by 0.5 - 1 l/100k when towing). IMO cheap insurance.
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        Yes, leave treating your fuel at your own peril as I recently found out!


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          Wal, to elaborate.........Did you treat your fuel, or do you wish you had...?............sorry if i've missed a previous post,




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            Up until May last year I treated my fuel regularly and had no problems. After I drove back from Perth, for some reason I just stopped doing it. I've never let my tank get any less than a quarter full before refuelling and this habit, I believe, caught up with me. Early last December I started my Di-D Paj quite normally only to have it stall within 50 metres of driving. I restarted it and 500m later it stalled (died actually) again. The restart produced huge clouds of black smoke and the Paj eventually went into limp along mode. I called Zupp's and they collected it. They couldn't find much wrong apart from two error codes which they reset. They drove the vehicle and it ran perfectly. I collected it and a day later and the problem reoccurred but nowhere near as badly as I managed to drive it back to Zupp's. This time there was only one error code which was reset. It had something to do with the fuel pump. I wanted Zupp's to fix the problem on the spot but they said, let's have this happen one more time and then we'll act. I wasn't happy but they were right as the Paj has run perfectly since then.

            So I've pondered the situation and come up with this scenario. The diesel in my tank either developed or picked up a bug. With no conditioning being done this escalated into a problem for the fuel system. Others may argue but it's the only explanation I can come up with. Diesels are sensitive beasts and must be treated as such - just look at the DPF probs with the NS.

            Any other explanations would be happily looked at. I now add a conditioner to my tank every second fill up.


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