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  • Fuel additive

    Hi all, i am using the diesel fuel additive Chemtec.Just traveled from Mt.Isa to Bundaberg to Brisbane. I was filling with woolies fuel & it always foamed up {badly} hardly got a full tank & left a very sooty exhaust pipe & you could see the black fumes between gear changes.

    Changed to BP diesel fuel almost no problems with foaming & with the Chemtec additive the exhaust pipe is clean as a petrol car. I am very happy with this combination, got 1050Klm's for the 90ltr tank loaded for holidays, but i always got around the 1000Klm's on the highway.
    Dual Battery
    80Ltr Waeco
    91Ltr Longrange Tank
    3" Lovells/Bilstein
    3” Exhaust
    NP 05 DID

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    Interesting. I always thought that all diesel fuel in Australia came from just a couple of refineries - and anyway the fuel distributors get it from the one source in each major port/distribution centre.

    Does any 'insider' know about the fuel distribution networks in country Queensland/Australia?


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      I was of the same opinion obione 98.
      Years ago I did some work at the Shell refinery in Brisbane and was told that all petrol stations in Brisbane were supplied by only two refineries, Shell and Mobil.

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