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trip computer for a mechanical diesel 2.8?

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  • trip computer for a mechanical diesel 2.8?

    Has anyone ever come across an after market "trip computer" that can be fitted to a mechanically injected diesel engine??

    I'm a bit interesed to be able to watch my instantaneous fuel consumption but currently drive an NJ 2.8 ITD.

    I would have though that with all of the very cleaver electronic stuff around a flow sensor could be put into the fuel line and somehow linked to the speedo output ( and maybe the fuel tank sender) ??

    Has anyone ever done this or could give me a lead for someone to contact ( and yes I know the simple answer is to upgrade to a new diesel - but thats not about to happen!)??

    Cheers, Lambie
    NJ 1996 ITD GLX (poverty pack) with a couple of extras, ARB bar, dual batteries plus redarc, Glind shower, some roo spotties, running 235 85 R16 AT's for the road and MT's for the tracks, tweeked torsion bars, Free wheeling front hubs, Poly airs and prodegy electric brakes for the camper, GME radio thingy, Long range tank, cargo barrier, have I really spent all this on my bus??

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    Even with the NM/NP you can't get instantaneous fuel readings. Only the NS.

    The issue with a flow sensor is that you would need two. One measuring the flow from the fuel tank to the injection pump and one in the return line. Actual consumption would be fuel going to the pump minus fuel returning to the tank.

    Not so easy...

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