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  • excessive consumption

    Hi everyone,
    I hope someone out there could shed some light on the following: I had a diesel fuel leak fixed at the 30K service that buggered the starter motor. Since the lines were replaced my Np is using 2-3 L of diesel more per 100 Km regardless of city or country driving. Anyone know what could be the problem???
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    Without knowning your vehilce , i would suggest the simplest step first. Check your air filter. A blocked or dirty air filter can dramatically increase fuel consumption.



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      The pajero had a 30,000km service and I double checked their work every time as mitsubishi's mechanics are unreliable (previous experience). It has to be something they did at the service as it was running well going in (apart from the starter and supposed fuel leak). Funny thing is that I was getting 8.5 l/100km hwy and 10.3l/100km city with a fuel leak. Now it is "fixed" I get 10.8l/100 hwy over the same trip and 12l/100km city over the same trip. Go figure.


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        Replaced the fuel filter yet?

        Make sure you mark the filter with a white pen (make sure they replace it)
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          I had checked if the fuel filter was replaced but had not marked it. I will do so in the future. Talked to a mate who said to get the O2 sensor checked. if I understand him right it determines the fuel/oxygen mix and if faulty can affect the consumption. Did I get understand it right. I do so miss my NA pajero. It was idiot proof for me to fix.


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            Partially blocked filter, shit in it from when the lines are changed perhaps.


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              Mate could be completely wrong but during the service they may have changed your tyre pressures if they had been set higher than recomended which may people do to improve fuel consumption or there guage was out of cal they may be underinflated and given the cold weather and if u run large tyres these things alone could effect your fuel consumption a suprising amount. This will cost u nothing and after that check your air intake for obstuctions then perhaps think about spending money having sensors checked. Something else that may effect it could be a different oil viscosity.


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                Thanks to all for your advice. I'll be going over the car this weekend and check all the doohikies out for blockages etc. Will advise if i find anything.


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                  Could not find any obvious blockages. replaced filters again and have booked vehicle into dealer for fix up. It is now confirmed, I get 200km less per tank in town with a repaired fuel leak than with a leak in my fuel system. Go figure.


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                    chook - any further update to this? What did they find during the service?


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