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30 micron filter?

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    Originally posted by Smallfry View Post
    I fitted the Diesel Care 2micron secondary filter at 23k, then changed the factory filter at 30k service & then both at 60k service. As you can see from the photos the factory Primary is quite clean and the finer secondary is 75% contaminated. If you were solely relying on the factory filter, there is an awful lot of junk that would have travelled through the pump & injectors. Cheap piece of mind considering the refurbishment costs of CRD parts.

    And that is exactly why I have a secondary......Not really in MM,s best interest to have perfectly clean fuel going into a motor.....At $5,000 a pump they,d lose a lot of money..cynical...only from experience.

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      Thanks guys. Think I'll go the 2 micron.

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        Originally posted by MorgansPC View Post
        Thanks guys. Think I'll go the 2 micron.


        It may be worthwhile to ask supplier for an efficiency rating for filter and also flow rate.

        Without an efficiency rating to state a particle size is meaningless.

        The Donaldson 3 micron kit is rated at 99% efficient and 114 LPH flow rate.

        Data on efficiency rating and flow rate should help in making an informed decision.


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          What's up guys ,
          I hope Christmas went well for all of you I come to this post because I discovered a pretty big problem on my 2007 shorty .
          See for yourself in photo ....

          After thirteen years, it might be normal, since our fuel is disgusting here.......

          I emptied the tank, and cleaned everything
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            Finding a primary fuel filter, where I live, is quite complicated, 13000kms from Australia, 10000 from France, and not many people with this kind of spare part here.

            10kms from my home, there is a marine shop, and it has this filter there with water decanter .

            Finding Donaldson is mission impossible (apart from ordering in Australia 3 weeks delay), luckily I saw this store, and it is the only one he has


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              I could therefore use it first, and keep the OEM filter second (10microns) .
              It can do the trick rather than having nothing, what do you think?


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                I now understand better why my scv valve was often dirty, and my fuel filter also clogged quickly , and i had like fuel cut sometimes which was quite unpleasant when driving

                I have an LHD, and I thought to install the filter in this corner there


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