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Suction control valve - do you need to match the number to avoid relearn

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  • Suction control valve - do you need to match the number to avoid relearn

    I've got many of the symptoms of the scv needing replacing and hopefully its a cheap and easy fix.

    I've been looking online and can't seem to find it clarified anywhere as to the need to match the SCV number with the pump number.

    Some indicate that they supply an SCV that will match any pump (and are mostly silent on the relearn) whereas other sources indicate that you can match the numbers and get a better outcome and avoid the relearn.

    I understand that the relearn isn't essential on the ones that match any pump but I'm the sort of person who'd need to have it done for peace of mind.

    Hopefully somebody can set me straight.


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    I too have read confusion about the need to do a relearn. I “think” that it should run ok without one but you might get better economy and smoother running after a relearn. I’d instal it and see how it goes.

    Make sure you have a look at the SCV - you need to match the external length (they come in long & short) and the ‘cap’ colour.
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