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Donaldson Pre-Filter Kit - Thread size/type

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  • Donaldson Pre-Filter Kit - Thread size/type

    I just finished changing over the fuel filters in my NW Pajero (the OEM and the Donaldson Pre-filter). When I bought the kit, it had 2 filters, both 11 micron, so I installed them before the OEM filter. I now have a 3 micron filter fitted, and although Donaldson recommend fitting them BEFORE the OEM filter, I (like a few others on this forum) reckon it is better to have it fitted AFTER the OEM filter.

    I am looking to remount the Donaldson filter slightly higher than currently installed. The kit as I received it only had straight barb connections. I would like to change the mountings so that I use a 90 degree barb fitting. Does anyone here know what the thread is on the Donaldson mounting head? I think it is some form of US thread rather than a metric thread. I would like to buy a new barb and fit it when I remount the filter.

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    It will most probably be a pipe fitting so they are measured from the Bore size not the outside diameter whcih is normal for metric threads.
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      If yours is the P903316

      Scroll down to the specs.


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        Thanks for the above. I had already assumed it would be a NPT system, but the size was worrying me a bit. I think it may even be 1/8" NPT. The 1/4" system has an OD of 13.2 mm and I think that the tappings into the body are not that large. I will probably have to strip it down and then measure the thread before I can go out and but a right angle fitting. Thanks again for finding that reference though....


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          Well, today we had to go to Canberra (wife has to go to doctors). Snow was forecast down to 700 m, so instead of taking the Outlander (the normal transport for this duty), the Pajero was called on to start. It has been so cold here that I didn't want to go out and measure the barb fitting on the Donaldson filter, and I have a slight air leak which means that I have to hand pump it to prime the system prior to getting it to start. Anyway, back to the story...

          I went out a this morning and of course it wouldn't start. I lifted the lid and lo and behold - the fittings on the Donaldson filter head are banjo type fittings, not screw/barb type as assumed. This makes it so much easier to relocate the fuel hoses so that I can mount the Donaldson 3 micron filter after the OEM filter. It has been so cold out there that I have refrained form going out to check these things... Hopefully things will warm up a bit in the next few days so I can get out and do this work.


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