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Impressive economy!

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  • Impressive economy!

    I just filled up the DiD pajero for the wife (who refuses to do it herself because of diesel soaked nozzles), and just squeezed in 84 litres for 961km, thats 8.74 litres/100km. Gotta be happy with that out of a 2 ton 4wd.
    NS VRX DiD manual, family pack, tint, 2.5t tow, Smartbar, Firestone airbags, Vision X HID driving lights.

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    Hi Sandgroper

    I don't blame her the pumps are always filthy, what ever happened to the disposable gloves the servo,s used to supply?...Is that economy around town or H'way? Its pretty sensational either way

    Cheers Glenn
    NP Exceed 2005 3.2 diesel automatic , 100% stock standard except for the headlight globes


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      I've never seen the disposable gloves at a servo in Perth, but I have heard people mention it before, maybe its an eastern states thing? I usually take down some paper towels to wrap the nozzle in. With more diesel cars being sold I thought the servos would have lifted their game by now.
      We usually average 9l/100km around town, not stop-start grid lock like Sydney. This last tank included a 200km country trip, thats probably why it was a bit better.
      NS VRX DiD manual, family pack, tint, 2.5t tow, Smartbar, Firestone airbags, Vision X HID driving lights.


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        I carry a pair of rubber gardening gloves in a toolbox in the back and use them when I can be bothered...

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        Soon to be Ex- 2002 NM Exceed 3.2DiD, Lifted, PSI Powerbox, Bullbar, HID Driving Lights.


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          We buy disposible gloves in a tissue-box type dispenser - slots in under the seat ready for whenever you might need to fill the tank, (or perform an emergency trachaeotomy on the side of the road )

          White 07 ML Triton GLX-R 3.2 Di-D, Ironman bullbar, TJM snorkel, GME TX3440, tinted and lined, Lightforce 240's, 265/75 Goodyear Wrangler SA's
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            With my Did the normal average it's 11L/100km but sometimes I had obtained 8L/100km dirving very softly in a long trip in road. BUT IT'S A TORTURE :-)

            Barcelona, Spain
            2002 NM 3.2 Did


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              We're getting 9.0L/100km on a freeway run cruising at 120kph on cruise control. Could probably be a bit better if I could be bothered downshifting from 5th up some of the bigger hills but the torque from the DID is amazing. Around town it's about 12L/100km.

              After owning a 3.5 petrol we are more than happy with the economy, especially as you say considering that it is a 2 tonne 4WD.

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              2011 Landrover Freelander II SD4


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                Wow, that is great economy. Was that city or highway driving?
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                  Perth traffic+suburbs driving with a 200km country trip as well.
                  NS VRX DiD manual, family pack, tint, 2.5t tow, Smartbar, Firestone airbags, Vision X HID driving lights.


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                    I keep a set of Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves in the car and use that. It is a pain to get diesel stink out of your skin and clothes.

                    I did a run to Bunya Mtns last weekend and got 10.6 l/100km in my NP DiD.
                    We had got 12-14 around town up until then.

                    I think doing 120km/h with a 450 litre pod on the roof detracted from the economy a bit.
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                    Missus car: 2005 Platinum DiD Auto, H/R Towbar, Rhino Sportz Aero Bars, Redarc Isolator, Elec Brake Controller. 2" Lift and LT Tyres.


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                      Stock pajero DiD NP Auto - I was doing 1050L for 85L upto 110kph.

                      Load it (750kg), add 265/75R16 tyres and a roof rack (full) - 1300km for 160L on road and 1000km for 160L offroad (ie simpson/cape york) doing 95kph max.
                      SOLD - NT MY10 DiD, ARB D/Bar, Airtec, LRA 81L, Bil/Lov 2", BCDC1220+AGM, P3


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