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Nk axillery tank set up

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  • Nk axillery tank set up

    G,day fellas
    Just got myself a axillery tank off a 1991 paj the ones they use on lpg converstions if any one has a axillery set how have you got your set up as I was going to set it up with the standrad fuel pump and gauge or a transfer pump not sure which would be better and less probelms like repluming the fuel lines etc any help would be great ---andy
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    Probably a little late to reply, but my NH has had the same sort of auxillary tank installed when she was put on Gas. Different situation to yours as they used the original pump and sender in the new tank.

    My concern with it is the new filler pipe they've fabricated. The inlet for the new tank is right at the front of the rear wheel arch, above the chassis rail, in front of the top shocker mount. They've fabricated a steel pipe (looks like exhaust pipe, which gives me concerns as to its longevity), that comes out the gap between the chassis and body, turns 90* and runs along the inside of the wheelarch, bends up through a cutout they've made in the steel protection plate above the mudflap, and then hooks up to the original filler neck. The gap between the tyre and this pipe is not overly large, and there looks to be a rub mark already, and that's without any serious off-roading.

    I'm not sure how you'd go either running a second filler point, or I've seen it done with a 'Y' piece at the filler neck, meaning you have to poke it down each side to fill each tank (but then your ULP restrictor might cause you grief).
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