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Surface Rust in Tank

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  • Surface Rust in Tank

    HI All

    HAve come across a Long Range Automative 150 L tank that will suit my 2.8 NL diesel pajero. The current owner reports some minor internal surface rust and that it was used for on a petrol NL. The tank has not been used for 12 months and has been stored during this time. I'm unsure of how extensive the surface rust actually is.
    LOng Range Automative report:
    We only use top quality materials : 2mm (14 guage) T125CQ Aluminized sheet steel

    Should surface rust exist if tank is actually LRA?

    Should minor surface rust be an issue?


    PS Does the new website have an active topics option?
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    Just finished respraying our LRA to fit to the NP. THis one is about 6 years old and is going into it's third vehicle. I stripped it due to some surface rust where the stones have given it a beating, but I also noticed a little rust in the tank where it had been left dry for a little while. A small amount of rush should be ok but once it gets into the surface I would be a little concerned. I think you can get a type of paint to pour into them and coat the surface but you might cause more problems if the paint flakes and blocks pumps and lines.
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      I have an 04 NP Diesel. When I was filling it on my trip to Central Aust I noticed that there was some rust in the filler tube where the tube is welded to the lip that the fuel cap screws on. Mitz are replacing it under warranty, just waiting for it to be shipped from Japan!!!

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        Why not give LRA a call and talk to them directly about it - they are incredibly helpfull !

        I looked into buying a tank that I was led to believe would have fitted our NJ 2.8 diesel - but after speaking to LRA directly they were able to point out the seller was wrong.

        That aside if the tank had been suitable they were more than happy to fit the 2nd hand tank and provided alot of free advice. I wonder if the rust isn't too bad whether the diesel (oily stuff that it is) wouldnt stop any further rust?
        I'm sure your situation isnt unique - talk to LRA about it.

        I ended up picking up a 2nd hand 150 l tank elsewhere and fitted it myself but it was in good nick with no rust.

        Even with the carefull design of the tank my quest for touring capability has compromised the vehicles off road ability - at least the nut behind the wheel will be placing the wheels even more carefully as he tries to protect the fat arsed tank out the back !

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