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What do you like about your Pajero

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  • What do you like about your Pajero

    A bit of preaching to the choir but I have been thinking of starting this post for a while as a tangent to discussions about what you would replace the Paj with. The demographic at the shop centre and on this forum are a testiment to the fact that the Pajero suits a lot of different people. While consistantly highly rated, it always strikes me as underrated.

    For me, the utility of this vehicle is hard to beat. I have driven it on countless highways, gravel roads, beaches and paved roads that don't warrant the title of road. I have towed boats, campertrailers, work trailers and box trailers on and off road. I have used it for work carrying men and equipment to site and around site having to change between carrying men and equipment numerous times a day. It has been the family car for every long trip or holiday and is currently the main family car now that we have 4 kids under 5 (although we are looking at a van).

    It has reliably and comfortably done everything I have wanted with ease and is pretty efficient (11.1L/100km at the bowser over 53,000km) considering it is 17 years and 410,000km old. I've only had it for 7 years and 200,000km but can't see anything reasonably priced that I would consider replacing it with (except maybe a NT).

    The rear seating layout is fantastic when you have to change from 7 to 2 seats regularly and put kids seats in and out. It can even fit a double pram with all seats in use (with a bit of wrangling). The quad pram fits but would make one of the back seats unconfortable.

    To sum up, it is not the best at any one thing, but it does everything well. Bang for buck it is hard to beat.
    2003 NP DiD Auto: 265/75R16 BFG A/T, dual batteries, 35mm lift TJM suspension, to do list that is more expensive than the truck

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    Bought my NW Paj three years ago with some 140,000 kms and it ticks a few boxes for me. I'm a solo bush traveler.......well maybe not if you count Fang the fearless hound who with unbridled ferocity has got my back....actually he's a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel but don't tell him that..... so reliability is important and it has proven to be so. Apart from replacing a couple of squeaking belts nothing has gone wrong. Hand in hand with reliability is the driving poostion. I'm somewhat spoilt here because my other 4x has what is usually referred to as a "Command" driving position and so it is. Like my English bush limo I can see all four corners at a glance because of the large square windows and also because I sit up high...aka the "Command" position. I can also see the front leading edges. Both these cars are constant 4WD, the Limo all the time and the Paj is optional but I always leave it engaged. I never engage 2WD.

    The Paj does have one clear advantage over many other 4xs....that huge luggage space and its load space cover. It swallows everything I need and there is still room left over.

    Around town I do get a lot of noise from the front passenger seat. I can't stop it, the mechanic doesn't want to know about it and Fang...well..... he just sits there wagging his tail. Bug Off didn't work and I've tried to leave her home but no, she won't have that. Reckons the Paj luggage space is great for all the goodies she buys at the shops. Thank goodness she chooses home as being the preferable option at the first mention of a bush track.


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      1. Driving position is so good.
      2. Handling around corners thanks to the monocoque chassis and made even better by after market suspension.
      3. Seating arrangement and boot space. So much versatility with the split seating and almost completely flat floor. And the third row space is incredibly useful.
      4. Fuel economy. She's fairly modified and tall these days and i'm still seeing under 9L.
      2009 NT GLS Manual DiD, Cool Silver Metallic, OEM alloy nudge bar, Falken Wildpeak AT3W 265/65R17, OzTec shocks & raised King springs, BushSkinz alloy intercooler & sump bash plates, BushSkinz steel side steps/sliders, ARB alloy mesh rack, Ultra Vision light bar, work in progress...


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        I like that its starts, doesn't leak oil, is relatively quiet, and usually doesn't leak water. You'd think that should be given, but they sure were a given with my last car.

        The rear door I wish was a split or something other than what it is. Perhaps the wheel should go to make it lighter, but otherwise I think I'm with Shopping Trolly with what I have used it for thus far.

        I did think my 4 coiled Defender 130 with its suspension upgrade handled crap back roads and dirt well, however feel the monocoque chassis with independent upgraded suspension does the job better.


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          I like this Forum, taught me lots before & after purchase

          I like how much i paid pre-covid for the amount of vehicle i got
          I like the squareness inside the cabin compared to say Pajero sport, sit them side by side, not that much difference, i looked a few times at car yard before i brought, i looked at many vehicles, i didn't need a car, i wanted a car.
          I like the 3rd row seat for my application, extra kids/ people, easy to erct or out in a flash & huge hole in floor, i can fit a lot of stuff for trips, for me the hole in the floor is really high on my list of likes.
          I like if i need parts, plenty in wreckers yards, it has been a stalwart of our 4wd vehicles in Australia for many years, we know what breaks, like all machines they break.
          I like Aisin 5 speed, how many of those would have been through an auto shop in Australia, quite a few of this box has been sold, plenty of knowledge if required, in Australia.
          Mitsubish 4M41 started it's career as a small truck engine, definately not a new design, i like that as well for a pedigree, proven.
          I like Apple car play, climate control, rear air con, whilst they are all working of course
          The turning circle seems good & independant suspension for many applications, most actually is a far superior driving experience, yes more wear & tear points, yes doesn't jump rocks as good.

          Dirt road, sand tracks, tar roads, bush tracks & generally 99% of travel you will actually ever do, tow a load, take the family or change for other, whatever, it handles it quite well, i guess that's why logicallly speaking the design has been such a sucess for example in the Finke desert race, same design/ production, just strengthened, think only won that about 14 times in a row over recent years, don't quote me but along those lines & helped Geoff Pickering to become Australian hall of fame recipient for his efforts as Australian production class champion numerous times & Finke efforts.

          We know it's heavily modified beginnings, Dakar pedigree from the past, but i hold Geoff Pickerings production class success in higher standings for the design of vehicle as we see on the road today, the car we drive isn't a strong, powerful as the car he drives, but the design is very much the same, it has achieved a lot of success in the terrain i'm interested in traversing over the next decade in this vehicle.

          Keep on top of the maintenance & fix what's required, i'm not sure on cost of life as yet, but from all reports that's not too bad.

          I'll quote Shopping Trolley

          "To sum up, it is not the best at any one thing, but it does everything well. Bang for buck it is hard to beat"

          Plenty of things i don't like as well, but that's not the topic
          Mitsubishi Pajero NX MY16 GLS with Sand Grabba floor mats, Ultragauge, Automate & Paddle gear shifters with Vlads traction control mod, Nautia switch panel, ARB compressor, Redarc Tow Pro, Anderson plug, Bushskinz front & rear alloy plates, Kaon light duty cargo barrier & rear door table


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            Considering how we use our vehicle, I am over the moon with overall performance and offroad ability. the reliability is a big factor, nothing really just fails as it will give you warning signs.

            suspension setup

            had to remove all emissions junk to make that area reliable
            GVM - to easy to exceed in a shorty

            Overall it goes great, we will continue to dross international borders with ours till one day it finally gives up, but that doesn't seem to be anytime soon, plus with maintenance I have basically renewed a lot of bushes and bearings so we should have problem free motoring for I figure at least another 30000kms.

            Cheers to the chariot of gods and men alike.

            07 Mitsubishi Pajero Shorty - Currently rolling around... somewhere in the middle east I think..



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              I like that it was designed, engineered and tested to be a capable and reliable off-road vehicle and it's form follows its function.

              I like that it has a bullet proof engine and drive-train with a smart 4WD system, fully independent suspension and the most important safety and traction systems. I really like the brakes.

              I like that Mitsubishi has improved the platform substantially over the many years of production but has stayed true to the car's original purpose.

              I like that the car is made with good quality parts that aren't the cheapest pieces of crap the manufacturer could get away with and yet the car is still really good value for money. I love working on the car and discovering all the excellent and hidden design and engineering features.

              And I really like that ours cars are the result of countless hundreds of thousands of hours spent by smart, hard working people who built us an amazing vehicle that we can drive all over country in.

              NX GLX, Nudge Bar, Auto-mate, Stedi Light Bar and LED globes, Rhino Vortex Racks, Sandgrabbas, Nautia pocket, GotyaCovered and Wheelskins covers, Kings/Oztec suspension, Aux Lithium battery in rear, Kaon Table


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                Too many things to list!

                My Escape is my first car. So I’ve got that attachment!

                I’ve road tripped and lived out of it when job hunting.
                It’s taken me to many places I wouldn’t get to without a 4wd.

                Never left me stranded.
                Never gotten stuck.

                '99 NL Escape, Manual - Bullbar, roofrack, cargo barrier, D697LT, Tough Dogs, dual batts, rear draws, Narva 225 HID, UHF, led bar etc
                Towing: 4.8m Savage Centurion half-cab w/75hp Mariner

                '99 NL GLS SWB, Auto - Bullbar, D697LT, spotties, UHF, Koni adjustables & King springs.

                Wanted: Adventure.


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                  Even with EGR giving up, pdf lights coming on 3 different times, abs module packing up... It always got me back home , well built car that's better value for money then any 4wd out there, Amin.


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