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  • Join a club or not?


    Just enquiring as to what members think about joining a 4WD club and what the benefits are? How many / what percentage of members actually go on club trips or use the club resources (training weekends etc)

    As someone who prefers to 'do my own thing' I tend to go away either solo or with small groups of mates when camping, and I'm not interested in big club trips where theres a convoy of 20 or 30 vehicles.

    I'm all for meeting new people and sharing stories/advice but I'm not sure whether the club scene is for me or not.

    So, for those of you who do the club thing, what appeals to you about the club you're in?

    And for those who aren't in a club, why not?

    What's the best/better clubs out there (especially for a Sydneysider)

    Would love your feedback.
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    clubs in general are a good resource of information...Ive never been into clubs either....but after joining a RC club a few years back..i ended up runing it..LOL

    some of the members weren't my cup of i made my mates where i found others with an outlook similar to my own...

    as for 4x4 clubs...Id only want to go with one that had guys that didn't laugh if i backed out of a challenge...cause i didn't want to damage my nice shiny car.... gun hoe 4x4ers aint for me....unless it was in my old NH SWB..then bring it on..LOL


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      Clubs can be good, and bad at the same time. I am in the Ulysses Motorcycle club, and find the club great, but dont do much locally for several reasons. I work shift work, including weekends, so find the rides are usually on when I am working, and that like other clubs I have been in over the years, you get a "clicky" group thing going that turns a lot of people off.
      We have a local 4x4 club, I have been away with them years ago, and am thinking of joining, but the work thing is there still.
      Being a small town, I know most in the club anyway.

      Will wait and see.
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        I'm a "returned" member of the Vic Pajero Club after an absence of some years.
        I originally joined in 89 with our then new NF V6 and years later when I wanted to harder stuff I got a 92 GQ Patrol which I still have.
        I was a member of the Nissan Club for quite some time but I never felt really at home and I always said if I were to join another 4x4 club it would be the Paj club, so I've gone around in a great big circle.
        On rejoining late last year it was like "coming home" and I'm really glad to be back.
        My/our needs have changed, I wanted a newer car for towing and touring with good safety features, economical and affordable and the NS VRX we've just bought has ticked all the boxes for us. My wife even drives it, something she won't do with the Patrol.
        So to me it was a "no brainer" we were getting/have now got a Paj so joining the Paj club was part of the equation.
        Regards Andrew.
        2019 MR Triton bog stock at the moment but that will change.


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          Like any club/organisation, there are the 'pros & cons'...

          Yes, all clubs are 'clikky'; is up to the individual to decide if they can deal with that... That is not having a go mind you, but is a fact no matter what sort of club whether it be a car or tiddlywinks type etc etc. Some members are happy just to receive a monthly magazine, others want to get involved in activites, but IMO a person needs to decide before joining;

          "What do I expect to get out of it & is it value for money"??

          I rejoined a 4wd club last year after a few years away with the plan to run a few trips that were a little different from the 'norm' for want of a better word. All good, went well etc, but now I just believe there is too much 'red tape' to go through. I heard it is similar with many clubs & it is a shame that things have eventuated this way, but I suspect insurance issues are a major factor here....

          The one other thing I have noticed is that many clubs are so 'money orientated' now & the days of the free bbq etc seem to be long gone. Maybe clubs are trying to get too big now, so when joining a club to think that 'bigger is better' may not necessarily be the way to go...

          In saying that, committee members put in a lot of work & give up there own time to do what they feel is best for a particular club, even though not everyone will agree with the direction they are taking.

          So bottom line, it all comes back to the individual to decide...
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            Hi DaveyG
            Interesting that no-one to date has mentioned the main reason we all should be Members of a 4WD Club.
            It is not about what you do or others do in the Club, or what the club does or doesn't do, it is about belonging to a club that is affiliated with a wider body (in our case in Victoria it is 4 Wheel Drive Victoria) that is able to lobby and represent 4WD'ers in the wider political sphere.
            Just recently for example 4WDVic have been able to keep some tracks open and available to us to use while they also have a basic MOU now that, if followed through on, will give us 4WD'ers a say when Parks or DSE or whoever is thinking about closing a track or not maintaining one.
            So if you want to be able to particpate in the future join a club now. Whether you get closely involved or stay at arms length you are basically supporting the "industry"
            Also disappointing that some individuals target the clubs for charging for services. Yes insurance is a costly issue and so is having a body to represent 4WD'ers in the wider community and so is the choice some clubs make to have a strong presence in community activities, eg bushfire recovery, flood recovery etc.
            If you are in Sydney we have a great connection with Triple Diamond. They have a website, just google it.
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