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help with NS what probs do they have

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  • help with NS what probs do they have

    am in the process of buying NS VRX deisel can anyone tell me there main problems if any have looked at pathfinder as well but feel the pajero is better suited for my family need some help please

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    Dunk I have a GLX DID and have really not have too many problems so far after 13000 km . The only problems that I had was a slight knock/thump at start up and one or two minor interior faults. All were promptly fixed after a quick trip to the local dealership ,service from Mitsu has been quite good.
    Excellent fuel figures but poorer when used for my daily commuting which are very short trips, takes only 6 minutes for me to drive to work daily which is hardly enough time to reach operating temp.All in all though pretty pleased with my purchase .
    2007 DID AUTO


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