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What's your 4wd for?

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  • What's your 4wd for?

    I'm interested to know what sort of use our 4wds get. Obviously, some 4wds are multi-functional - if you fit more than one category, please vote for the category which sees the most km clocked up.

    Edit: My apologies for not making it clear enough. The poll question best describes what I really wanted to ask. I can't edit the thread title or the poll options, not that I would alter the options much.

    This wasn't intended to be accusatory or judgemental. It was supposed to be a simple question, with one simple answer per member. Apparently, I failed.
    Work vehicle
    Daily commute
    Mum's Taxi
    Weekends/trips only
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    NT Platinum. DiD Auto with 265/70R17 ST Maxx, Lift, Lockers, Lockup Mate, Low range reduction, LRA Aux tank, bull bar, winch, lots of touring stuff. Flappy paddles. MMCS is gone!

    Project: NJ SWB. 285/75R16 ST Maxx, 2" OME suspension, 2" body lift, ARB 110, 120l tank, bullbar, scratches, no major dents. Fully engineered in SA. NW DiD & auto in place - a long way to go....

    Scorpro Explorer Box

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    Your poll doesn't cover my main option which is to travel through the outback during my holidays. I bought it for this reason so I could go anywhere I wished. Yes, I use it more for the daily commute but then I'm working 40 weeks a year. If I didn't want to go off road then I wouldn't have bought a 4WD! Maybe you should modify your rather skewed poll options.


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      You get 12 weeks of holidays a year!!!!!

      2007 NS VRX DID Auto - ARB Bullbar, Dual Deep Cycle Batteries, Nightstalker HID's, Family Pack, Tow Bar & Lift, Illuminated Side-Steps, Bluetooth, Neoprene Seat Covers, Mio Digiwalker C520 GPS.
      1989 NG EXE Tdi Manual - Cooper ATR's on 16x8 Sunraysia's, Tough Dog 2" Lift


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        We are in the same boat as Wal so to speak, the main reason we bought our NM DiD was for towing our 6m boat up north twice a year but most of our kms are for daily commute. We use it for beach driving north of Lancelin because we have it and it's great for that but the main reason we bought it was for towing.

        NS VRX DiD manual, family pack, tint, 2.5t tow, Smartbar, Firestone airbags, Vision X HID driving lights.


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          As it's the only car I have, it's an "everything" car.
          Ąđżą aka Adam
          2004 NP Pajero
          Bullbar, Towbar, Snorkel, ARB Compressor, BFG M/T, D/Lights, TJM Bash, Dual Battery, Tait UHF, AM CB, Waeco, Lovells, Billies, Barrier


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            Me too

            I know the worst thing you can say in a forum or news group is "me too", but there you go

            Our current soft roader is a daily driver that is used for large country k's on holidays. The paj will be the same when we finally manage to buy it with the addition that it'll be used off road as well when we're on holidays or weekend trips.




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              I use my 05 for weekends off {what are they??} 4x4ing, & our holiday car, & camping & so on.

              Very happy 05 owner, cheers Gary
              Dual Battery
              80Ltr Waeco
              91Ltr Longrange Tank
              3" Lovells/Bilstein
              3” Exhaust
              NP 05 DID


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                Daily commute/family hauler and then on weekends it pulls off trail duty to go exploring and trail riding once in a while.
                03 NP, 34" tires, Fully skiplated, Custom rocksliders, custom winch mount, OME HD springs/shocks, and Aeroflow exhaust, Locked Front and Rear.

                Happiness is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth.


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                  It's the wife's daily driver, so that's where it gets the most KMs. But we bought it for the camping trips. The Magna just couldn't cut it.
                  Current ride. EP91 Starlet Auto
                  Missus car: 2005 Platinum DiD Auto, H/R Towbar, Rhino Sportz Aero Bars, Redarc Isolator, Elec Brake Controller. 2" Lift and LT Tyres.


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                    My initial reason for buying my NL was for towing my ski boat to my cabin at Tocumwal; was sick of getting my SS Dunnydore dirty . Was also sick of 'lighting up the rear tyres' getting the boat out of the very steep & crappy boatramp.

                    Then decided I might do a little 4wding, after an absence of over 20 yrs. The bug bit again & from then on it was all downhill; moneywise that is .

                    Bullbar,driving lights, A/T tyres, UHF were the 1st items puchased, after basic recovery gear of course. Then it got worse, suspension lift, 'play tyres & rims' & last but not least, an airlocker.

                    Love the NL & even though the later models are more luxurious etc, not a patch on the separate chassis models when it comes to off road; just my opinion.
                    NL Pajero,F&R airlockers, reduction gears, Ironman susp, ARB bullbar, Tigerz winch, Uniden UHF, roolite driving lights, Mickey Thompson ATZ 4 rib &, BFG KM2' tyres

                    MUD SUCKS.


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                      Reason for car - transport, nessessary daily evil, reason for 4x4, weekends in the high country, beside a river, enjoying the ambiance. Can't aford both so 4x4 is also transport. Upgraded from brilliant NL to NP due to auto (arthritus in left ankle), also brilliant DID motor, but miss nimble feel of NL. Kids also hate middle back seat!!!!!
                      2003 NP DID GLS Auto, 50mm Iron Man Suspension, ARB BBar, Chinese winch, custom fridge/equipment rack, Rhino RoofBars and alum TGM roof rack, UHF CB, Bridgstone D697 265/70-16, Safari Snorkel, Polyair


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                        As everyone else is already saying - daily commute because I have to.
                        But it was bought because I do go interesting places for holidays.
                        2018 QE Pajero Sport Exceed.

                        4WD History: 2011 MN Triton GLX-R. 2004 NP GLS DiD. 2002 Freelander Td4. 1996 Subaru DL. Learnt in a 1980 Ford F100.


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                          All of the above plus tow the family ski boat.
                          2016 Mitsubishi NX Pajero GLX
                          2011 Landrover Freelander II SD4


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                            Our reasons for owning a 4x4:
                            1. Living above the snow line.
                            2. Towing the ski boat.
                            3. Camping.
                            4. And 4x4 for fun.
                            2010 NT D-ID


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                              I can't answer the Poll as it is. My/Our Pajero is our only car. We bought a Pajero because; retired as we are, we wanted a vehicle suitable for occasional outback touring, motoring holidays (entirely on bitumen), carting grandkids about etc. We choose an NP Did Exceed because it seemed (and is) well suited for all those tasks. It's as great for taking a load to the dump as it is for going out for dinner, or climbing Mt Nameless in WA.


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