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Help me clean my Pajero

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  • Help me clean my Pajero

    Hi everyone, I'd like to start a new thread. If you can give your secrets to keep your Pajero looking it's best, inside & out.
    I like to use Meguiars Shampoo & Meguiars Deep Crystal {Wet Look} Polish for the exterior.
    For the hinges I use White Lithium Grease.
    One Eagle Wet tire shine, for my tyres.
    Lana-Cote Moisture Repellant, to aid corrosion resistance- just squirt it in all the nooks & crannies.
    Vacuum cleaner & damp cloth for the interior, water & white vinegar to clean glass.
    Auto-Kolone Deodoriser {original formula} for the cabin {help kill that Macka's & feet smell} Ha Ha!!
    Also I was told the product called "Purple" to polish your alloy.
    & a carton of 30 cans
    Tell me your brew, Cheers Gary
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    i have it parked out in the street when its looking like a few drops of rain will come...
    cant wash cars ourselves at the moment (unless youve got your rainwater tank etc), have to take them to a commercial place, which does include the do-it-yourself ones, but they arent that good anyway...

    but when i could, i used armorall products for the wash, wax and tyre foam, rain-x on the windows, the family vacuum, a stereo and plenty of VB.
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    Wanted: Adventure.


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      Aside from the different cleaners, polishes etc the thing I use the most is elbow grease. That and different sponges, clean rags etc for the different sections.

      Takes a few hours but worth it in the end...
      NX Exceed


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        Why bother, they're meant to be dirty!
        2018 QE Pajero Sport Exceed.

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          My list:

          -REPO Extra-cut Polish to take out all those deep(er) scratches and sap residue on the paint.
          -Meguires Wet-look Polish for the top coat - GREAT Polish.
          -Meguires NXT Generation Car Wash
          -CRC One step tyre shine (spray bottle)
          -Lanotec Lanolin Spray for underneath
          -CRC Silicon Spray for water repellent in the engine bay
          -Kittens Upholstery cleaner
          -Smelly Tree
          -Generally use Windex for the windows, but like the idea of white vinegar and water - will have to use that soon.
          -Haven't found a decent alloy cleaner yet - though i have heard a bar of hand cleaner and steel wool worked in, then polished with a Mothers polish works a treat.

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            Hey People,

            If theres something nice and shiny on my paj i just have to keep it that way,so when i seen that the chrome wheel caps were going dull in behind the wheel nuts i had to do something about it.So i got me some "Brite Shine".Comes in a can and its like a thick cottonwool type product.Just tear a piece off and give the offending part a rub then buff with a clean soft cloth.

            It says it cleans and pollishes all metals.I have a mirror finnish on my bullbar so because it says not to use on lacquered surfaces (i dont know if bar is lacqoered or not) i have tried a small section on it to see how it stands up to the weather.Ill let you know how it goes...
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              Pledge grab-it cloths are great for picking up dust in the interior from hard to reach places like the instrument cluster, as well as a general wipe-down interior rag. Uses static to suck dust off surfaces, works a treat. Our car is always full of dog dander from carting pooch around, these cloths pick it up very well.


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                For cleaning splattered bugs off the windscreen and front edges, spray on Cloudy Ammonia and leave for a few minutes. Available from the cleaning section of supermarkets.

                For removing tar spots, spray on turpentine.

                For stains left on white paintwork by parking under trees, only JIF would work.
                Mike R. Sydney. Pajero GLS NX Silver Jan15. DiD Auto. STILL grossly disappointed with the errors in Speed Limits on major roads in my TomTom.


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                  Has anyone sand blasted, then pwoeder coated their bullbar?

                  Mine is in a sad state and was wondering what costs would be associated with this and whether it is worth it.



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                    Here is my list

                    Meguiars Gold Class Wax which I apply, remove and buff with A Random Orbital Polisher.

                    Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner I use a Turtle Wax microfiber sponge for the bonnet, roof and higher sections of the side, For the lower and dirtier sections I use a Meguirs Microspun Wash Mitt

                    For Drying I use a Meguiars Microwipe Super-Glide Chamois for the main body panels and a Meguiars Soft Buff Chamois around doors and plastic areas.

                    For Cleaning Tyres and Wheels I use Meguiars Non Acid Wheel Cleaner and a scrubbing brush

                    For Dressing Tyres and Soft Spare Wheel Cover I use Meguiars Natural Shine Vinyl & Rubber Protectant applyed with Meguiars Hand Applicator Pads which I also use on all interior plastic.

                    For External Non Painted Plastic Trim I use Meguiars Gold Class Trim Detailer also applied with Meguiars Hand Applicator Pads.

                    I wash all of my applicator pads, Sponge, Mitt and 2 Chamois in the Washing Machine after every use.
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                    2002 NM 3.2DiD GLS


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                      Hi, Autosol is about the best alloy polish you can get, protects for a long time, & and you can't beat genuine ArmourAll. Cheers Des.


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                        Here is mine...
                        Mequires Gel Car wash for the body work
                        Alloy wheel cleaner cant remember which one (Will find out)
                        So Easy for the tyres
                        Allways comes up looking new.
                        Actually it got a wash today was playing in the mud yesterday there was heaps of mud on it the Mrs was spewing she didnt want to touch the door handles they were covered... Looks good as new now



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                          I just use the local carwash, handy as tghe farther-in-law runs one hehe.. also no point doing much else as I am rural it gets dusty real quick even if just parked up & even if it rains it just gets muddy water on it

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                            I've been using the Meguires light cut polish (grade 3 cut) and it is magic. Light scrub scratches...gone with almost no effort. Hard to remove tree sap stains (I live next door to some frigging enourmous gum trees which love sharing their sh!t with my vehicle)...gone.

                            I don't use anything special for the actual wash, some blue stuff that seems to work well enough.
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                              dont forget to use a clay bar to get the rough spots off use it a couple of times a year. Comes up smooth as


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