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Pajero 2002 (Petrol) 100,000 Kms Service

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  • Pajero 2002 (Petrol) 100,000 Kms Service

    Hi All,

    I have major service due for 100,000 KMs for 2002 Pajero GLS NM (Petrol). I called few Mitsubishi dealers in Sydney and they estimated $850 (for timing belt and Spark Plug) and $350 (such as air filter and other things) if required.

    Do you think this price is reasonable or should I shop around? I wouldnt mind paying $100/200 extra if service is done my Mitsubishi. If it is more than that then its a different story.
    Pajero 2002 GLS NM (Auto - Petrol)

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    Doesn't sound too bad for MM pricing. You could get it cheaper elsewhere.
    Cheers, John.
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      as above.... you could probably get it done for less elsewhere...

      and if you're going to the trouble of doing it IMHo.. then i'd make sure the following are done at the same time to save additional costs in the not so distant future.. and give you peace of mind

      * Hydraulic tensioner ( as sods law states, if it's quiet now... it will get noisy

      * water pump
      * Thermostat (and coolant flush )
      * Tube seals and rocker gaskets ( kit form from Repco etc) and 1/10 the price

      I'm not down there any more but there's a couple of places used to be cluey on Pajeros... ( Artarmon Automotive ?... if still around ) but anyone competent could do it




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        I did one for a mate the lot.
        Spark plugs
        Air filter
        Fuel filter
        Timming belt
        Idler pulleys
        Oil filter
        And coolant

        That was for $1000 the most expensive bit is the timming belt kit and tenisoner even so that alone is about 280-330 so hope this help I would not pay anymore then $800 for plugs and timming belt kit inc labour. Hope this helps

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          A week ago

          A week ago I just had replaced............

          Tube seals
          Rocker cover gaskets
          Cam shaft seals
          Timing belt
          Idler pulleys
          Water pump
          Air Filter

          I supplied the parts and labour cost me $650. All things considered I'm pretty happy with that cost due the work involved.


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            Thank you all for replying...very good info from each of you...much appreciated

            Where should I buy parts from? Repco or somewhere else??

            I have seen few reviews about Artarmon Automotive. I will definitely check that out.

            Anyone knows good mechanic or service centre in Sydney area?
            Pajero 2002 GLS NM (Auto - Petrol)


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              I purchased all my parts from Repco when they 30% off for NRMA members earlier in the year. Massive saving.

              If your around the Penrith area I know a good mechanic. He's very honest and thorough which is exactly what I want.


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                Thanks guys, just another question.... At the moment car runs fine, I havent seen any problems or may be I am not aware of them. The only thing is that acceleration is bit slow sometimes specially while auto gear shift. Sometimes I have to press hard to get more boost from the car. I used to have 1997 Holden commodore. That thing used to fly...Is this normal for Pajero?

                My current odometer reading is round 104K. How long can I stretch my 100K service? If I do that around 110K, would that create any major problems?
                Pajero 2002 GLS NM (Auto - Petrol)


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                  if the Kickdown is working correctly the pajero will take off very well without hesitation. maybe you should have the 100k service done asap as the engine might be asking for a doctor so to speak. going over the 100k mark is really at your risk.
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                    Thanks mate, I will get my major service done soon..

                    I am travelling to broken Hill from Sydney this december. We will be driving for about 8 days and which will cover atleast 3K+ Kms....Just wondering if its good idea to take Pajero (after major service) over there or would it be better to rent a car?
                    Pajero 2002 GLS NM (Auto - Petrol)


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