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Help with an import Pajero.

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  • Help with an import Pajero.

    Hello all.

    My girlfriend has a Pajero MMC (1992) SWB soft-top (imported) and I have a few questions.

    The roof is vinyl and the back window is opaque due to all the mildew that has formed. The zips have started to tear away from the vinyl so the top isn't pulled tight causing water to pool at the edges of the window.
    Visibility from the rear-view mirror is awful, the only safe way to drive it is with the roof off and window rolled up, but this makes driving on dirt trackes very messy plus driving on the freeway is very noisy.

    I have tried to clean it with different products but none do the trick.

    She is thinking about replacing the windows but isn't sure who does is and how much it would cost. Is it even possible to replace the windows without replacing the vinyl roof?

    If this isn't clear I can take a photo of what I mean.

    Another problem are the seat belts. Whenever the car is on an incline or a lateral tilt the seat belts lock and can't be used until the car is level. She was told the only option was to get racing harnesses installed for a heap of money.

    The seat belts were replaced when the vehicle was imported from Japan prior to her buying it.

    We are in Brisbane if anyone knows a place that deals with Vinyl.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Imported Pajero

    My son also has one of the J Top models, though his canopy is not that bad, it has been repaired. From memory, he had his done through a place that specialised in saddlery etc. However his only required some of the stitching to be replaced where it appeared to have rotted away.

    I would think that places that do caravan annexes would be the go to get window sections replaced.

    In relation to the seatbelts, in his, they certainly lock however not all the time, just often enough to be annoying. Usually can be unlocked by tugging on them then releasing, without necessarily being on level ground.

    I fully agree that they are annoyingly noisy anytime as the soft top seems to vibrate or something.
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      Thanks for the reply.

      I did a search yesterday and found this.

      I have asked for a quote so we will weigh up the all factors and consider the best option. We will also look into the places you mentioned :-)

      Another thing I forgot to ask about is insurance. As it is an import my girlfriend had a hard time finding someone who would insure it. She ended up with Just Cars, but that is quite expensive. Do you (or anyone) know of any alternatives?

      I guess we will have to live with the seat belts....


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