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    I went round to check out my brother's ride on the weekend. NP DiD Man.
    He has done a few cool things. He rejigged the rear lights so that the brakes illuminate in the rear combo lenses as well as in the bumper. He ditched the rear foggie. He installed the revs camera on the numberplate light and it works so well he can see this tow hitch and also see for reversing regularly.

    He has Dual Batt setup and Anderson plugs to the rear as well as a regulartor and a 2 off large solar panel mount for the roof rack. He made up a split false floor for the back so he can access the underfloor comparment while his 60L engel is in the boot.

    And his trailer tent: Can fit 2 motorbikes on front and rear (him, the missus and 1 for each of 2 kids ). 2 Big batteries running all the elec shiz in the trailer.

    I am going to get him to walk me through the installs on the Paj and I'll try to document some of it.

    Current ride. EP91 Starlet Auto
    Missus car: 2005 Platinum DiD Auto, H/R Towbar, Rhino Sportz Aero Bars, Redarc Isolator, Elec Brake Controller. 2" Lift and LT Tyres.

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    Hi Trev love see some pic's of this NP. I've had in mind to build a false floor for my 80Ltr Waeco, with a fridge slide & have access to the underfloor comparment as well, thats where I like to keep my retrieval gear & other stuff.
    Solar panels sounds like a good idea, are they cost effective?

    It'll be great to see, Cheers Gary
    Dual Battery
    80Ltr Waeco
    91Ltr Longrange Tank
    3" Lovells/Bilstein
    3” Exhaust
    NP 05 DID


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