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Pre-purchase inspection in Perth..

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  • Pre-purchase inspection in Perth..

    Hi all,

    I am new to the country and am soon going to be in the market for a G2 Pajero, hopefully NL model..

    I am in Fremantle, WA and am looking for a garage / mechanic / enthusiast who would be happy to do a pre-purchase inspection on a Pajero..

    If thats you let me know, also any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Dave
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    The simplest inspection regime would be to approach Royal Automobile Club of WA (RACWA). They would do a prepurchase inspection. Ensue that you advise them that it is a 4WD and that you intend to use it as a 4WD not as a town car. Additionally you could do your own visual inspection, particularly of underbody low points for impact damage and for oil leaks etc.
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      g'day dave,

      did you have a previous car? if so, did you like the service you were getting at your previous mechanic? (being new to the country then that might present a proble)
      this would be a good starting point for a pre-purchase.

      the royal auto club of your state is also a decent place to have an inspection, but ive been hearing that the Vic version has been slipping in their standards (being less thorough) of recent times- but thats just hearsay.

      of course, do one, what you can, yourself- look for any damage, leaks, take it for a drive and get it to operating temps then see if it leaks, shudders, shakes, pulls to one side, give it a bootful and check for smoke etc etc etc. doing this first might uncover something your unhappy with before you spend the money on a mechanic's inspection.

      best of luck.
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        cheers for the info guys..

        have now found a NL model.. A beauty (hopefully).. RAC inspection on Wednesday - fingers crossed.


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