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88, 89 Model Diesels

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  • 88, 89 Model Diesels

    Hi everyone,
    Im looking into buying an 88, 89 model 2.5 diesel pajero. either the import model or aussie one. I grew up driving a petrol one of the same era, without all the electronic bells and whistles. it was bulletproof!
    What are the diesels like? Any one had major probs? Whats fuel consumption and power like?

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    I have an 89 NG 2.5 turdo intercooled diesel (4D56 i think..) and it runs fine! Mines got a relatively new engine it though, car has done 313,000 but engine has done maybe 120,00 as the previous owner blew their engine up apparently, have no idea why or how, but my engine is running really quite nicely.

    Power is good for a diesel as far as i can tell, aslong as its kept above 2000rpm it powers away fine just dont try and overtake up steep hills or go faster than about 140km/h.

    Fuel consumption, well i did have it at about 10l/100k when i had some 235/75 A/T tyres on, now ive got 31x10.5 cooper S/T's and it went up to about 12-13l/100km. These are mainly city figures, it gets a bit better on the freeway/highway.

    The only problems ive had with my paj are not diesel engine related things (cracked rear diff, vacuum pump leaking oil into alternator, starter motor getting old, steering joints) and so i can't complain about it.

    I've been very happy with mine and it goes offroad allright too
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      I'm not sure when the Aussie versions got the intercooler, but it is worthwhile to look for the later models with these.

      I have a SWB import with the 2.5 ITD engine, mine has 33" tyres and auto box and I get around 13lt/ 100kms, again better on the highway.

      Still has plenty of power, I just choose not to use it to conserve fuel.

      The imports have a lot of extra creature comforts inside (central locking power windows) they also have I believe additional oil coolers on the front.

      Problems with the imports is some of the consumables are pricy (i.e only genuine parts available- air and fuel filters)

      Mine has not had a problem in its 20,000 kms here in Australia, but the vehicle only has 70,000kms total.
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