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    You just choose the the warehouse they ship from, that how it works?


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      Yep, customer service at Snowys is second to none and their choice of courier service backs their customer service.

      I’ve purchased three orders from them so far. Great communication when an item is delayed (they ask whether to post items together once all are in stock or if it’s ok to break up the order into several parcels as they’re available). Courier service was fast in all instances.

      At our our school we purchased all of our new OE gear through Snowys. Again, communication through the business manager was awesome, packages arrived over six months as covid disrupted supply lines of various items - but it all arrived and one item was upgraded because there was no ETA from the supplier on the particular item we purchased.

      Can’t speak more highly of them. I often use their website for information such as weight or dimensions of items for plans to make a purchase. Their questions from ppl and their responses are also a very good source of information.

      I also like the ease of getting around and using their website - on the computer and the mobile phone.

      Two thumbs up! Keep up the good work!


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        Originally posted by disco stu View Post
        You just choose the the warehouse they ship from, that how it works?
        Pretty much mate, you can also do a filter when you search to narrow down shipping locations.
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          Good to know, cheers. I'll check it out


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            Hi all. Are there international Snowys shoppers here? Does anyone have the experience with this, do they ship overseas (to Poland in my case)? I'm using aec for package shipping to Poland from the USA, but they do not operate in Australia so I'm a bit lost here. Have never ordered anything from Australia.


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