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Wipertech wiper blades

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  • Wipertech wiper blades

    A while ago I asked if anyone had any experience with these blades here:

    A few people responded saying they were happy with them. So I bought a set around Christmas.

    Been happy with them, however I don’t get much rain so they didn’t get used much!

    Mum and dad visited a couple months ago from interstate, and dad does a bit more driving than me, especially around Vic where he’ll probably get more rain than me, so I took them off my car and put them on his.

    But he hasn’t had much rain driving yet either! However, he hasn’t been disappointed with them.

    Because I think they are good, I ordered myself a new set for my car. I had previously asked Wipertech if they made them for the rear and they did not, saying the mounting was different and they hadn’t developed it.

    I decided to look at my rear- same mounting as the front!

    After some conversing with Wipertech and swapping some photos, they sent me two different styles to try on the back. One is like the front (the larger plastic body, for those familiar), and the other a metal body much like the original.

    I’m pleased to say that both styles fit the NL (at least my escape anyway!) on the rear, and do a pretty good job in their wiping sweep.

    Wipertech sent me the two to try without asking for payment, which I think is pretty nice of them.
    As they fit and I’ll use both of them eventually, I’ve offered to pay for them because that’s only fair.

    I’m looking forward to seeing their longevity, hopefully it’s a while. But for now I’m quite happy and although more expensive than some of the refills that are available, they definitely do a better job.

    So, massive thumbs up for Wipertech products and their service so far!

    They occasionally do 10% off sales and free express shipping, so if your interested keep a look out for those deals.
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    '99 NL GLS SWB, Auto - Bullbar, D697LT, spotties, UHF, Koni adjustables & King springs.

    Wanted: Adventure.

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    I've just put a set on and they are great blades.
    2015 NX GLS, Factory alloy bar, Kings HD Springs & Koni Shocks with 50mm lift, MM Auto Mate, Paddle shift kit, dual batteries with Redarc DC/DC, LRA 58L tank, Safari snorkel, Boo's bash plates (full set), 17" steels with BFG KO2's, Drifta drawers with slide, TPMS, Uniden UH8080S, Alpine iLX-702D head unit. Goldstream caravan and a TVan Firetail.


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      We have had a set on our i30 for over a year now and in Tassie they get a fair work out and they are great, best wiper blades we have ever had highly recommended them.
      our new NX which we picked up on Friday will have a set on soon


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        Just ordered a set for front and rear.....$89 delivered. Current set is not performing at all and are 2 years old..
        Dicko. FNQ

        2014 NW with all the usual stuff plus more.
        If you take life too seriously you will never get out alive....

        Telegraph X camper


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          Mmmm interesting,

          Whats interesting is i put a set on wives car from Supercheap Mazda 3, i drove the car & have no idea how she could see in the wet, she hadn't noticed

          These are a cheaper alternative in this situation

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            Great wiper blades.
            They give the discounts when you sign up for their newsletter.

            2007 VRX, Cold Air, HPD Intercooler, 3" Exhaust, ECU West Tune, Lovels Springs, EFS Shockies.


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              Bought a set for my NX 2 yrs ago & was pleased with their performance. However the LH front broke off in very heavy rain when the wipers were going flat out & I was doing 110kph. Had to buy a cheap replacement set from Repco to use until I got the Wipertech assembly replaced. Anyway it took a few phone calls and a few emails to get a replacement. The boss at Wipertech was suprised this had happened & only too pleased to help me when I eventually got hold of him & replaced both front assemblies. In the end a good result getting them both replaced, but at the time I was none too pleased. Now I carry the cheapy Repco set with me as spares. Just in case.


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