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Butters Warehouse in Dalby

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  • Butters Warehouse in Dalby

    I fronted up there @ 0800 and was directed to the mechanics shop.
    The mechanic on duty was expecting me and listened whilst I gave them the issue I was was a collapsed wheel bearing on one side of the trailer.
    He then asked me if I wanted both wheel bearing changed out or one replaced and the other repacked so I could get to back to my home.
    I asked for both to be replaced if need be.
    They where starting the job when I left them.
    At about 1100 I received the phone call that the job was I went back to collect the camper trailer.
    The mechanic who repaired the camper spoke to me and gave me the run down on what the was this parallel bearing set, brake shoes and backing plate.
    The other side bearing was still was a bit dry, so it was repacked.
    What had happened was the collapsed bearing had scored the stub there was a "pithteenth' of movement, but better to get a new stub axle.
    He mentioned that being a made to order camper trailer with a trailing arm suspension..getting a stub axle will take some time.
    I was impressed by their professionalism as they could have charged a decent amount as I was travelling...but the price of repair to the camper trailer was very reasonable.
    They are worth a look when you need some camper trailer repairs needed done.

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