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    Whilst servicing my 2015 NX I noticed the the small plastic reducer on the crankcase to Provent catch hose can had failed, the hose being a 3/4 at the crancase end and then a 1" at the catchcan made replacement difficult, as a result spent the most of the day searching for a replacement hose & reducer...

    After going to every auto store and most of the other repair shops in Mt Gambier I tried the guys at Autocare Mt Gambier (, from the first guy who actually came out to the car and had a look & the guys he referred me to in the workshop nothing was too much of an effort, considering it wasn't a booked/paid job.

    After 5 min the guy in the workshop had the lost hose end found and directed me to a local Hydraulic repair (GWB Hydraulics shop for the new brass joiner.... all in all what was looking to be a 80-90 dollar new hose ended up costing $30 which was a meter of new hose and a brass joiner & clamps.

    When it comes to getting the manifold cleaned and any tunes done it will be at

    All the gear and some idea.....
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    Gotta love and appreciate such places where no job is too small for them, and helping out a customer is important.

    I remember a good experience at ARB Nundah, where i went looking for a unique width T Bolt to fit the roof rails of my car, so i could mount my awning to it. The guy inside came with me, looked at the width of the channel, measured it and then shaved down a T Bolt they had so it would fit the channel. He did this for 4 such T Bolts. Cost in total? $15. For a store that sells goods easily in the thousands, it was mind blowing to see them take the effort for something that is essentially small change!
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