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Sourcing Oziexplorer Maps

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  • Sourcing Oziexplorer Maps

    Found an excellent way of sourcing high detailed maps for Oziexplorer.

    Sas planet allows you to rip online map sources and create very high quality maps for Oziexplorer.

    Google Terrain maps and MS Virtual earth maps are very goods. Eg all the Wedge tracks are displayed (Including goat tracks)

    Before a trip I just rip the maps I need and same them onto my 7" Windows CE gps running OxiexplorerCE

    Careful of doing bulk rips of Google. They will block you after a short period for excessive usage. MS Virtual earth maps are almost as good and no issues with trawling.

    Heaps of other sources as well including satelite, terrain, road etc.

    When saving to a stick. Tick the Map option and save as JPG images.

    Try to use good file naming. Helps picking in ozi easier.

    Eg WedgeVE15
    Wedge Island using Virtual Earth and 15x Zoom
    Same but using Virtual earth satelite versus street maps.
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    You can also use gMapmaker to make good maps from google. I did a complete set of Tassie before my Xmas trip.
    Cheers, John.
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