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A new (1988) Paj Owner

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  • A new (1988) Paj Owner

    Hi All,

    Ive been scouting around these forums for a month or two learning what I can about the Gen 1 Pajeros ever since stumbling across the work that Mohenic Garages were doing with the old beasts. Now I'm not sure if I will get in trouble for saying this, but I was attracted to the shorties for their potential to convert to electric. Generally lighter compared to most 4wd, boxy, simple but with character.

    I eventually found an 88 SWB JDM 2.5TDI in Melbourne that seemed to be in reasonable knick. I flew from Brisbane (home) and after some general checks and top ups drove it the 1700km and she for the most part ate up the road. Not bad for a 34 year old car. It was comfortable, if not a bit loud and I was immediately impressed.

    However the honeymoon period lasted less than a week. I booked it into the mechanics for a full service to get it in good roadworthy condition and in the time waiting for the mechanic the car began to run rough and blow smoke. After assessing compression I have been told it needs a full rebuild. Not a great start to the relationship. However I want to try and get the old girl running like new. And will be getting my hands dirty to hopefully rebuild it to its former glory. Its sitting at the mechanic right now but will be coming home soon. But will need the help of you guys, the wealth of knowledge is apparent, and I will share what I learn and do with you guys too.

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    Welcome to the forum!! Sucks to find out the motor needs a rebuild, but there are some experienced people on here and you should get some good advice.

    If you do go electric make sure to post up your progress, I would love to see that!
    NT Pajero RX auto 5 door. Nudge bar, LED light bar, ProVent catch can, EGR resistor mod, dual battery, 265/65/18 Cooper ATT. Joying Android Head unit with TPMS, Dash Cam, and TorquePro via OBD2 . Alpine amps, infinity splits and sub, sound deadening in doors. Scanguage. GME UHF with 2.1db antenna. Clear view tow mirrors. Rubber floor/mud mats. Led interior lights and brake/tail & reverse lights. EVC Throttle Controller, Race Chip RS with Bluetooth control. AutoMate Pro.


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