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    Hi All, newbie from the Kimberly town of Broome WA, have recently taken ownership of a new NS Pajero, work as a Stock And Station Agent in the Kimberley, so do a lot of travelling, generally ave 100/120,000 kms per season, do a lot of work along the Gibb River Rd, & Tanamia desert area, plus station rds ,& obviously a lot of bitumen driving, have driven Prados and Nissansin the past few years, but my boss and I thought we would give the Pajeros a go mainly for fuel economy, we have both got the NS model turbo diesel, Auto, have had long range fuel tanks fitted, , poly air bags, raised suspension {Pedders Springs}, plus phone kit, Sat Phone, UHF, HID Lightforce Lights, mounted on ARB steel bars. Took the original road tyres of and replace with Good Year off road, 70/30, which seem to be doing the job for us in the other vehicles we have driven.
    Only complaint , is the Tow Bar wiring set up!!! what a night mare, as towbars were not originally fitted when ordered, so have had to get guys in Broome to mount and wire up, no simple job from what I have been told, and I still seem to be having problems, wondering if anyone else has found the same problem???



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    Welcome along Eddy. I hope the NS is not giving you too much greif. Be good to get some feedback with those klms that you are putting on it. As for the towbar issue, well there could be a thread in Gen 4 all about it.
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      Thanks Pickle, yep thats right , will be interesting to see how the Paj handles long distance high speed, trips, even though the speed limit is 100kms over here, still manage to do a lot of ks at 130+, a normal day for us is min 800ks and sometimes 1400/1600 per day, depending on where and when we have to be.
      Regarding the Towbar/ wiring issues, thanks but have found that post and have contributed towards it, seems this may be a common problem!!!

      Thanks for the welcome.



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        Welcome to the forum mate, someone here should be able to point you in the right direction.


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