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Do you know of any issues with NP GLX 3.2lt

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  • Do you know of any issues with NP GLX 3.2lt

    Hi from FN QLD,

    I've just purchased my first Pajero ... and day 2 ... I've still got a smile on my face. I love it.

    I have 2 mths warranty on it so.... not knowing what to look out for ... If there are any potential problems ..... I thought I'd ask someone "In the Know" ... "You". Is there any sort of trend, when things start to go .... clunk? If so, could you share your knowledge/experience with me.

    Its done 105 000km ... should that be a problem? Its in great condition and the services have all been done at the correct intervals....

    I hope to keep it long term, so any help or comments are most welcome....

    Regards, B

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    105k it would be just run in, NP 3.2 are great units and don't have any problems that jump out at you. Maybe if towing get the rear wheels alighned regulary. Enjoy the forum.
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