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    Hi all found this site while looking for a solution to my never ending 4x4 issue (dame flashing lights)..well as from my user name im from England (Dagenham Essex), been here for near 6yrs and loving the aussie life. im a motor mechanic by trade (23yrs) and now ive got myself a mitsy pajero 1999 NL which I got really cheap from a horse rider...they said the pajero wasn't any good for towing a horse box...turns out the problem was a dirty switch Mode & Power cleaned it up now the beast works as it should just need to figure out my 4x4 issue.
    but being a full time mechanic working all day and then to come home to fix my car its the last thing on my mind so I put it off until the next day which has now been 3 months since I first looked at


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    flashing light syndrome

    its real simple to sort, its just a matter of the 4x4 sensors wanting cleaned, get your arse under the lump, after youve removed the bashplate, and have a look at the vacum pipes and the two sensors, there in a bunch behind the front diff take the pipes off the sensors, but remember which pipe goes to which sensor, they have a coloured dot on them to differeshate them, then give each a good clean and test them for vaccum, simple really, just a pain in the but.


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