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  • Yet another newbie

    Hi all
    Have been reading your comments for the last 2 weeks while trying to decide on what to buy
    All i knew was that i wanted something that could cope with some dirt road and tracks as well as perform on the highway
    Having lived in the U.K for the last 20 years I had no idea what was good or bad, safe or stupid, but thanks to this forum, i think I am on the right track.
    Hopefully tomorrow (depends on test drive) I will be getting a '93 manual diesel NH with 250K on it.
    It looks nice inside and out, only a few minor scratches, no obvious underside damage, engine clean but not washed and the list goes on
    Yep, it may still turn out to be a lemon, but thanks to all the info I have gathered from you lot, I am confident that I will make a good decision.
    I hope to be back on here soon annoying you all for all sorts of info and bragging about how good my Paj is
    Cheers and Merry Xmas all

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I hope tomorrow's inspection goes well, but if it doesn't, there will always be a better opportunity.

    I look forward to reading all about your new Paj, whenever you find it.
    NT Platinum. DiD Auto with 265/70R17 ST Maxx, Lift, Lockers, Lockup Mate, Low range reduction, LRA Aux tank, bull bar, winch, lots of touring stuff. Flappy paddles. MMCS is gone!

    Project: NJ SWB. 285/75R16 ST Maxx, 2" OME suspension, 2" body lift, ARB 110, 120l tank, bullbar, scratches, no major dents. Fully engineered in SA. NW DiD & auto in place - a long way to go....

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