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Cheap NG Pajero For adventures!

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  • Cheap NG Pajero For adventures!

    Hi guys, I'm Matt.

    I bought the Pajero not because I needed it, I already have a 4X4 (D40 Navara) I definately dont have the space or money for it and I don't even drive a car at all during the week.

    I bought it cos I loved it the second I saw it, and I was able to make up excuses of why it wasn't the worst idea to buy it. I'd pretty much got my Navara where I wanted it and the Pajero looked like a nice cheap toy, where I could do more of the work myself.

    First up, here she is at the local car dealership in a yard full of cars of questionable condition and history:

    Yes, that's right, on the window it reads "$1500, As is, Drives Good"

    A quick look and I can tell it needs a new windscreen and tyres, probably some suspension parts. But the body is straight and the paint is still glossy, even on the roof. It has better paint than my Navara and its 20 years older..

    I took it for a test drive and I knew it had to be mine! So I took her home with $1500 less in the bank..

    Parked next to my main rig:

    Man, I cant beleive how nice she is for $1500. Interior is really good, transmission seems smooth and the oil is a good colour. Shes a bit down on power and stutters a bit... but according to the sticker on the window its last service was in 2013 and is about 30,000K overdue.... so thats a job for this weekend..

    There is even a Sony head unit in her, along with the original unit that wasn't removed.

    So what am I gonna do with her you ask?

    Well, I have a 10,000K Trip Planned with about 5 mates this year. One of them had to pull out because they just could not afford to get a car on the road. He will now be driving this. After that, My Sister is also doing her own 10,000K around Australia trip. She will also be doing her trip in the new Paj!

    The 3 of us will all put in to pay for what is required in terms of parts, and I'll be the mechanic to keep it affordable. Probably be teaching my sister a few things to make sure she will be capable of dealing with issues should they arise.

    The Aim is to get the car registered, roadworthy and running well before the first weekend of march. Then my sister will will drive the Pajero and join me at Murray Sunset national park where I am doing a test run to prepare for my trip. Hope all goes well! Should be good fun and exciting!

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    G'day mate welcome.

    She sure does look clean and straight.

    That mate of yours should be bloody stolked.
    NS SWB X 3.2DiD - Factory locker, Hella spotties, GME UHF, roof racks otherwise stock as a rock.

    Retired: 1991 NH SWB 3.0L V6 5sp Manual, Mickey Thompson ATZs, GME UHF TX3200.
    Wanting: Rocksliders, 2" lift, snorkel or perhaps I should wait and purchase a NS swb in 12months time.


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      Yeah he was pretty happy about it! Its a big trip and is not something you get to do very often!

      My mechanic is going over it for the roadworthy items tomorrow (Friday) hopefully its not too bad and I can get her registered and on the road ASAP.
      Thinking maby tie rod ends and ball joints may come up by the looks of some odd tyre wear on the passenger side, but that could also be bearings. There looks to be a bunch of new bushings in the suspension tho, so who knows.

      Hopefully there should not be too much on top of new shocks, tyres and windscreen.

      I have a bunch of questions about the old girl so will be hitting some of the forums soon.


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