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Old mans new toy!

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  • Old mans new toy!

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    My old man is a huuuuge fan of fishing and beaching it up with the boat during summer here in tassie, and why not with so many glorius beaches to smash beers on around the south east cost and on bruny island you would be mad not to!

    My family has been boating it up and fishing in this little beast that my old man has owned for about 12 years! it gets about 60-80 hours racked up every summer and has an un-official top speed of about 55mph (until it starts to lift out of the water lol) she really gets moving!

    The engine is an imported evinrude from the states, the 2 stroke V4 loop charged engine also features an optical ignition system and ITB's

    This was rebuilt after being overheated as a result of leaving the earmuffs on in 2002 costing the old man $6000 the motor had a total makeover and now makes a whopping 138HP

    This is, and has been a really great boat... but now times have changed and out family has been in need of something bigger to take us to the beach more comfortably

    My old man has just recovered from throat cancer and last fortnight i went a picked up his new toy while he was still in hospital costing $45K with only 108 hrs on the engine

    This is a 2006 model 6.5M sea legend and boy do whittley know how to make boats!

    Top speed is just over 60mph and cruising speed is 45mph

    Cannnot wait to hit up the beach and go fishing flat out again with the old man like we used to! hopefully it serves to be a great boat like the old one! will be sad to see it go =(

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    Hope your Dads like a boat ................... sailing free.

    ps Looks like the shed roof's going to need a lift


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      yep hes decided to throw another single door shed up to keep it out of the weather and to protect against theives!

      the bloody bogans we have down here would theive the eye out of a needle!

      and yeah hopefully he gets the all clear from the oncologist later this month.


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        Awesome looking boat Pete!
        Very jealous......
        2004 NP DiD GLX, 5 spd Manual with SMF, ARB Bullbar, Ironman 12000lb winch, Lightforce Genesis lights, Airtec Snorkel, 81L LRA tank, Unifilter, GME 3500 UHF, Redarc elec brake controller, ARB dual Batt tray with 60AH Deep cycle Batt & Redarc Isolator, Bushskinz Sliders, intercooler and sump guards, Lovells raised HD springs, Polyairs & Bilstein shocks, Milford Cargo Barrier, Philips +100 globes, 2nd set of rims with 245/75x16 Bighorns, Waeco 60L Fridge & a Cavalier camper trailer!


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          yeah its not bad!

          really making me think twice about studying something at university! so i can have nice toys when im his age (if i make it to 50 lol)


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            nice boats but are you sure about the top speeds mentioned ? just that i,ve never seen a cruiser of this size with the 200 hp pull 100kph.
            NS 3.2 Diesel, Polor White , Black CSA Rims, HanKook Dynapro AT Tyres, 3 inch custom stainless steel exhaust with free flow Cat & Muffler, 50mm Lift, Old Man Emu Shocks and Springs, TJM Bullbar powder coated White, Custom 7mm Sump Guard & Transmission Guard, 8 inch LED Spotties plus 20 inch LED Light Bar, rear Reverse LED Light, ARB Roof Cage , Tiger11 Awning.


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              haha yeah it does it pretty easy, swings a 23 really well!
              1999 NL WIDEBODY GLS TDI EXCEED


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                sweet boat. What's the weight of it all up on the trailer and howd the paj go pulling it? Be up there I imagine!!

                got any cabin pics????
                '99 NL Escape, Manual - Bullbar, roofrack, cargo barrier, D697LT, Tough Dogs, dual batts, rear draws, Narva 225 HID, UHF, led bar etc
                Towing: 4.8m Savage Centurion half-cab w/75hp Mariner

                '99 NL GLS SWB, Auto - Bullbar, D697LT, spotties, UHF, Koni adjustables & King springs.

                Wanted: Adventure.


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                  yeah jero tows well total weight is around 1800kg dunno if that includes the trailer

                  I can get some cabin pics if you want to see more of it

                  old man has had his car kitted out with air bag suspension for his ford AU sedan which also tows really well
                  (au falcon is automatic which makes it miles easier at the boat ramp) we can have the boat on and off the trailer in under a minute, whittley boats are very well setup IMO
                  1999 NL WIDEBODY GLS TDI EXCEED


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