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Winter in Victoria

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    I'm a fisho also. Looks like I'll miss the trout season this year, unless I can pull off a trip next weekend.

    Most of my fishing is saltwater. Lived and breathed land based game for a long time, gee that takes some dedication. Best fish was ~100kg marlin of the rocks, and not in Jervis Bay so it was a rarer catch. Never thought it would happen but I just got over fishing the rocks. Still would fish the north coast for tuna, but missed it for a few years now.

    Lack of energy has seen me just slowly back of from fishing. Spent years working in the industry and just got sick to death of the wankiness and the fact that skills and ability mean nothing if you want to go higher, only a social media presence and being the cool guy who wears the right clothes. I thought I had a lot of experience and skills to offer, but those who moved further were only ever those who had the name. Just lost a lot of the passion that I had


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      Originally posted by Kingbrown View Post

      I can understand how that would work well. With a bit of celery added you'd have the fundamentals of a mirepoix steaming inside your fish.
      I had ro Google that one.........had me stuffed....hehe

      Parked cars being vandalised/stolen while their owners are fishing is an absolute abomination but not confined to populated areas. Case in point is the launching ramp and car park at Dartmouth Reservoir. Being broken into is a regular occurrence. Fishos can't not park there either as there is only the one launching ramp for the whole lake.


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