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It's all about your power needs

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  • It's all about your power needs

    Got a new forum for the electrical gurus to play in. Don't forget to play nice as well because everyone is an expert when it comes to 12 volt
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    Great new section.
    I have 200 amps enerdrive in my canopy with 40amp dc2dc charger. It is an infinite power supply for all my camping needs and quite often power supply of other people going camping with me.
    Best thing I bought as an accessory to the car.
    NW 2013 MY13 GLX-R, auto, OME lift kit, ARB bullbar, electric brake controller, GME UHF, the rest is still work in progress


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      About 4 years ago I bolted a 100AH lithium in the back of the ute charged by a REDARC 1225BCDC charger. Probably should have bolted in the 1240BCDC that was available at the time to future proof increasing power needs. Is still going strong. I am tossing up fitting an alloy canopy on the back just now. The only thing I am baulking at is the cost will be more than I paid for the ute. If I go down that path I will probably throw another 100AH lithium in the back and add a 40 to 50 Amp BMS of some description. I need to start writing a build tread at some stage to show people how I have set up my ute.
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