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Transfercase needed !!

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  • Transfercase needed !!

    Hi Fellow Pajero owners,
    long story short my transfercase is wrecked over the weekend and my mechanic has immensely problems finding a replacement one.
    the only chance atm seems to get it re-build which will cost me a fortune for my specific model.

    I hope someone here can help me out with a contact or even the transfercase i need..

    2001 Manual
    2.8 TD
    Superselect (apparently it’s the 4wd Distribution system it’s using and crucial that it is not a different one!)

    Hope that doesn‘t happen to anyone ever!


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    Hey M8 - If it's identical to the Petrol 3.5lt Automatic Gearbox I have one here. I'm not really familiar with the 2.8 TD Drivechain etc.
    Let me know if it helps.


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      Have you got some more details of the car?
      The 2.8 was only available for a short while before the 3.2L was introduced.
      I saw a picture once of an NM with a mechanical transfer case lever, and always suspected it was the 2.8L version.

      Maybe that is why having trouble sourcing a transfercase - rare model with mechanically actuated transfercase?
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      Virtually fully retired NJ 2.8TD
      Previously - NB LWB, NA SWB.


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        Have a look on eBay, there are heaps for sale there.
        Including a brand new NL manual 3.5 one (if that might be the same as yours?)


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          First post and 40+ days response......
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