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WTB NW or NX Manual Pajero!

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  • WTB NW or NX Manual Pajero!

    Hi all

    I’m still chasing a new Pajero for myself after selling my NS a little while ago.

    Got to be a 3.2 manual with factory diff lock NW or NX with as many options as possible ideally. Pretty keen on getting the highest spec I can find. I know the manuals finished at the start of 2015 with the first NX so I’m highly unlikely to get one but I can live in hope 😂

    Please let me know if you’ve got something I can buy or if you see one for sale.

    I am hunting on Carsales, gumtree, Facebook, Autotrader and Carsguide already but I figure somebody might spit something and be willing to point me towards it.

    Thank you

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    Most of the manuals were probably pov-packs NW GL or NX GLX5 - both 5 seat and without rear aircon. Quite a few were coming through pickles as ex mine/defence/police, but maybe they've moved on to my16+ by now. The NW and NX GLX specs were pretty good. I have had a manual of each.
    NX GLX manual, T13, XD9000, Koni RAID, Ultragauge, ISI carrier, pioneer platform, Lithium auxillary


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      Hey mate yea there’s definitely a bunch of pov packs around but that applies to all years and variations. The NW had the platinum, platinum 2 & VRX in manual and I have seen them around. Unfortunately I recently missed out on a 2013/2014 nw VRX with 140km with all the frilly stuff on it because I was away for work.

      When it comes to the NX there’s not many of them at all but as you pointed out the most basic NX had some good stuff included as factory standards.

      They definitely aren’t readily available but I’m prepared to wait for and pay for the right car 😂

      Fingers crossed


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