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shudddddering clutch

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  • shudddddering clutch

    hey guys, my NJ Diesel has a shudder on take off. Only seems to be there when its hot, on short drives its fine, clutch doesnt slip at all, you really notice it when towing something, I have been letting the clutch out with hardly any accel' on take off and its not to bad but its still there. Is the clutch stuffed and if so how much $$$$ would be reasonable.


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    Your clutch will be fine, its the flywheel surfce or pressure plate surface that may be 'hotspotted' or warped, flywheel requires machining to rectify. My Nj
    3L shudders ever so slightly, even tho the clutch is relatively new (2000ks), it depends on how i release the clutch as to whether or not it shudders. Practice varied techniques, expensive to fix for it to re-occur again


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      shuddddddering clutch

      If i just keep driving it could it cause any damage???? would think that eventually it would. how much to fix???


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        No damage will come from continuing to drive it. Theres a couple of causes, a leaking rear main seal, excessive heat from riding the clutch or something liek that or when the gearbox is installed its possible to bend the pressure plate.

        How olds the clutch? To machine the flywheel is about 30buks or something, a clutch kit is the better part of nearly 1k and then labour is about 6 hours....


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          I dont know if this helps but I was reading a thread the other day regarding clutch shudder, which was caused by some modles having the air-con drain directing onto the bellhousing and into the clutch . just needs directing away from that area... Not sure of your set up but thought it may give you something else to look at
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            This only become an issue on the NM's


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