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Engine and transmission mounts

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  • Engine and transmission mounts

    Hey all just a bit of info re replacing engine and transmission mounts on my diesel NS swb.

    Having thought for a while that my Pajero was feeling a bit rough at idle and at some of the revs through the body, so I bit the bullet and ordered new genuine mounts from since she has 260000kms on the original ones. Also replaced the rubber bushings on the transmission cross member to body mounting location.

    Fitted them a couple of days ago, bit of a pain on the driveway but doable using a trolley jack, ratchet spanners and a good tip previously mentioned on this site. The engine mounts have a long stud that in my opinion needs to be cut by 10mm roughly to make it far easier to remove the old ones and install the new ones.

    I won't do a full write up but just a few tips for those considering it. Passenger side I removed battery and tray giving plenty of room and allows acces to the mount bolts from above. On drivers side removed air box, air intake hose and hose to turbo to give better room, could access bolts from above and below. Just used trolley jack to support and lift engine whilst replacing mounts. The bolts and nut for the mounts are all 14mm head for info.

    Transmission mount pretty straight forward using jack under it whilst removing mount and cross member. Again all bolts and nuts are 14mm head.

    EDIT.....forgot to mention, make sure to remove the plastic upper cowl around the radiator fan otherwise the fan will hit it when jacking up the engine.

    Anyway, the difference is amazing, far smoother in the drivetrain with no vibration at all. I reckon they have been going bad for some time but as I drive it every day I haven't really noticed it get progressively worse.

    Next job new rotors, pads and handbrake shoes all round and she should be good for many more kms.
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