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surging under acceleration

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  • surging under acceleration

    hey guys,
    See if you can work this one out. My NJ diesel has just had a head job and had the injectors done and thought that this problem would have gone but NO! It goes great but when I accelerate heavily up a hill it surges, hick-ups, hesitates ( trying to explain) at about 2100rpm and again at 2600rpm and 3000rpm then its good, just estimates of rpm but there abouts. Its not real bad but it noticeable. It also not noticeable at all in 1st or 2nd gear. Vehicle done 185,000km and blows no smoke runs unreal. What do you reakon??????

    Cheers Firefly

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    Well its obviously pump related, theres nothign else left right? If theres no smoke, i could guess its either running to lean in general, or the pump is in need of an overhaul - but im no diesel expert


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      fuel pump

      Ok sounds fair, Can anyone give me an idea of what i can expect to pay for a service on one or is there a better way, eg reconditoned ones, new ???????? I expect that it would be costly like everything with a diesel$$$$


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