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Fording Depth VS Diff /Transmission Breathers

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  • Fording Depth VS Diff /Transmission Breathers

    Ok I am doing some research on an article for our club mag about breathers. A lot of people are big believers in diff breathers but my opinion is you only would require a breather for the transmission. I have done enough river crossings in my time and in full on summer conditions and have yet to see any water impregnation to diff or transmission on my vehicle over the years, same with the guys who go 4wding with me in the same conditions.
    So maybe I can use the NS as a guide to what I am on about. The NS has a fording depth of 700mm so you would need the breathers to be near the 800mm mark not to get water in them. So we need to find out the height of the breathers on the NS! Any takers on getting me a measurement first before I go any further.
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    See my thread on the diff / transmission milkshakes I managed to create. I think they started to talk about where all the breaters are, although maybe not re the NS.
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      Just ran the tape over my NM, which I believe is the same as the NS.

      Front measures 850mm.
      Rear is 680mm.
      I have a 50mm lift so take 50mm off those figures for a standard unit.

      MM say fording depth is 600mm from memory so they must be going off the rear measurement. Also the clearance to the ECU would come into it in the unfortunate event you got stuck in the middle of a crossing and water came into the cabin. Without pulling the kick panel off I guesstimate that's about 630mm for me.
      Cheers, John.
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        The ECU is actually quite high up. It is up above the LH kick panel. The Body, Airbag and Traction control computers are on top of the trans tunnel and are lower than the ECU.
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        2011 Landrover Freelander II SD4


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