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6g74 bottom end under 6g72 heads

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  • 6g74 bottom end under 6g72 heads

    what i want to do is put a 6g74 bottom end in my nh paj but i want to retain the 12 valve set up of the 6g72 to keep the torque in the lower end of the rev range i was wondering if anyone knows if it can be done, seen it done or done it themselves any help would be appreciated

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    I think the stud pattern is different, the length of the heads is prolly different aswell, the amount of muckin round with the timing belt would be horrible yadda yadda - the slight gain surely wouldnt be worth the investment. If you really think its that much of an issue, have new cams ground for the 6g74....


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      what i do know is that the 6g74 will bolt straight to my gearbox and engine mounts. the block lengths are the same and the bore size of the 74 is 1.9mm bigger than the 72 which is bugger all the front and rear of the cranks are identical the main issues are the block height and water and oil gallery locations. the 74 has a longer stroke than the 72 by about 10mm but what i dont know is if they used shorter conrods or a taller block combined with the extra throw on the crank


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        i have done this conversion but am yet to run it in the pajero. you need a early type 3.5 block that runs the oil filter on the right hand side of the car. the block heights are the same, head bolt pattern are the same. the heads will require some minor modification to both water and oil return. on the 3.0lt heads they have a elongated oval oil return which needs to be shortened and the rear water gallery needs to be made longer. so basicaly its 2 spots on each head that need changing easiest way is to take heads and a 3.5lt head gasket to a reconditioner and explain, show them the difference and get them to weld it up. in total it cost me $600 to get the heads reconditioned and modified.
        cheers murray
        95 NJ PAJERO 3.0LT V6, AUTO, MAN HUBS, ECB bullbar, WARN 9000lb WINCH, dual long range tanks (205lts), Airtec snorkel, K&N air filter, rotronics dual battery system, GME tx4400 uhf, rated recovery points on all 4 corners, GQ rear coils


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          hey martin7 did u ever get this working? I got sent the wrong block after specifically asking for a 6g72 and ended up with a 6g74 they also sent me a gear box for a 6g74, problem is I have fully reconditioned my heads for the 72 a year ago and then block went with 400k on the clock. so basically rather then send the block back wait for them to asses it and resend a new one up with gear box, I was going to try and make it work so far problems I have come across is.... I got lucky all head piping lines up beautifully on mine, intake manifold isn't wide enough need one from a 3.5litre and heads water pipe at the back isn't long enough to go between the heads. I will need to change my timing belt no doubt but that's not a problem, the timing sprocket on the bottom is still the same so I'm assuming no dramas there.

          Ok it works, major problem is engine mounts but I was able to get the inch I needed by buying a couple of 1" think steel block 2 for engine mount and one for gear box gave me the raise I needed to fit the engine in the bay without modifying it to much was the cheaper option the other option was to go and pay for new mounts to be made with the inch raise in the rubber plus a little extra for wear. took a bit for engine to start think this was from ecu adjusting for new mix but runs great I have created a monster!!!
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            Hey mate just wondering how this engine combo is going? I'm in the process of building a 74/75 stroked bottom end, with 72 12v heads.


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