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Removal of EGR

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  • Removal of EGR

    Whilst I'm tinkering, I'm considering what value the EGR adds other than more wasted calorific value. If you search google you will find heaps of pages about EGR removal due to gunking up turbo's and decresed kW. In fact the UK paj owners club has come up with this pdf outlining how on a 2.5/2.8

    A couple of Q's for paj owners who've done it:
    a) is there any parts you can buy (standard blank platesand gaskets) or did you make them up?
    b) has been the result been noticeable?
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    a) On recomendation of a well known diesel workshop I just made up a blanking plate and replaced the gasket in the crossover pipe with it.

    b) Turbo spools up slightly earlier and oil seems to stay cleaner longer. Cant detect a performance gain.

    Only thing to look out for is increased EGT's.
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