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Idling trouble

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  • Idling trouble

    I have a 1990 V6 wagon that began to idle strangely recently. It will vary between 700 and 2000rpm but the engine runs fine when on the move. The mechanic changed the idle speed motor which didn't fix the problem. He suggests it is a blocked injector and that the computer is having trouble regulating the fuel mix. It will idle smoothly if the computer is disengaged. Before i spend money doing the injectors i though someone may have had a similar problem and may be able to confirm the mechanics diagnosis. Any advice will be appreciated.

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    You made a comment that it idles ok with computer disengaged? How is this so. If your refering to the ECU it will not run at all.
    First thing i would do is check it for codes. See if anything has been logged. You may need to see a dealer or an efi specialist who has the equipment.
    Also check for vacum leaks as well. Eg loose hoses etc manifold leaks.
    I doubt a clogged injector would cause the idle to go up and down like that.
    Faulty throttle position sensor may cause it.

    Further diagnosis is obviously needed. Definetly get a second opinion.



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      I agree, i doubt its an injector - its quite possibly a dead ecu, a fairly common problem.


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        Hi Quciky

        could you keep us posted as to what the problem is as i believe my Paj may be experiencing the same problem.


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