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Bearing? noise after new clutch installation

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  • Bearing? noise after new clutch installation


    I just had a full clutch kit including spigot bearing and rear engine seal done on 97 pajero by local mechanic. Flywheel was also machined. Now I have a slight noise which sounds like a bearing. This was not there before the job and even my wife has noticed it. The sound becomes noticeable when going over about 20kph. It is audible when under load or backing off the throttle and if just coasting it disappears. A very slight adjustment to the throttle stops and starts noise again. If I press in the clutch pedal the noise stops altogether. I have tried in 2wd /4wd and no difference. I have checked oil in gearbox and transfer case both ok. The noise does not get louder with increased engine revs or road speed. Once over 20 kph it remains constant volume. Any suggestions?

    Of course due to Christmas mechanic is on holidays till 8th January. I have learnt my lesson ... never get work done before going on holidays.

    thanks Kc

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    fan belt squealing? Maybe, idler bearing on the engine worn?
    Could be more load on the engine now because of the good clutch, resulting in the noise coming from there.

    Is the noise there in neutral, when you rev the engine and have you sourced exactly the location?

    If the sound is still in the box, did the thrust bearing get replaced too, you didn't mention that getting done, one usually comes in the clutch kit, but the mechanic may have spun yours and decided it was alright and kept the one from the kit as a spare, or are you confident he actually pulled the spigot bearing out when he did it and not just test yours and decide it was fine, did he keep the old parts to prove his workmanship?


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      might be the thrust bearing just touching the fingures on the clutch! not sure with the pajeros but there should be spring that pulls the arm back. the other thing it could be is the input bearing shaft, that is why it goes away when the clutch is pushed in as it stops spinning.


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        Heres a few tid bits
        If it was spigot, thrust bearing or fingers toching pressure plate it wont change with load only RPM, the most likely cause is the mechanic has pulled in the gearbox offset , this loads the input bearing and can cause jump out of 4th gear, to fix loosen all gearbox bolts and retighten in cross pattern to the correct tension not FT/rattle gun, I would suggest to do sooner before bearing damage occurs
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          Hi Everyone Thanks for helping

          1. sound coming from in transmission tunnel area.
          2. car doing any speed, clutch pedal pushed in : no noise
          3. car doing any speed, in neutral clutch in or out : no noise
          4. Noise does not get louder with increased engine revs or road speed but I do think there is a slight change in pitch.As engine revs increase, the pitch changes slightly.
          5. thrust bearing replaced, spigot bearing replaced, clutch kit, rear engine seal replaced, flywheel machined

          regards Kc


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            I had the same problem with my NH which I bought recently, It turned out to be the slave cylinder clogged up with gunk and was not engaging properly however I did not have any clutch slip, Upon removing the slave and flushing the system the noise has now disapeared. So I would of said that the fingers were touching the bearing slightly due to clutch not fully engaging.


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              Thanks Hornsbyman

              I will have to investigate. Also the clutch has not slipped since being renewed. but noise still there. How far above the floor does your clutch move before engine starts to load?


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