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  • 100k DID

    Does the timing chain on the DID need replacing at 100k? I know the timing belt on the petrol does.
    The car basically gets grease and oil each 10k service. Is there anything special for the 100k?
    I've recently changed front and rear diff oil and break fluid. I'm thinking of the auto tranny oil (with genuine MMA oil [is that really the best?]). Any other thoughts?
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    10k between services???
    From my experience 7.5k would be better for the engine (keeps it running sweet). Which oil are you using for 10k? If you find a reasonable noise change (ie seems alot quieter) after replacing the oil you are going to long.

    MMA ATF is fine ($35/5L - need 12-13L odd) or Castrol TQM-ST ($32/4L) (look it up I going off memory) - some others have been using AMSOL (see previous posts). The auto has a filter as well - have to order it in.
    Just make sure the ATF is to MM spec...

    I do not think the timing chain requires replacement at 100k - what's it say in the owner's service manual? (I have forgotten).
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      Timing chain

      No set time for DiD timing chain replacement unlike belts. There is a check on wear done by deflecting the chain. Can be checked at service.


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