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cat converter removal

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  • cat converter removal

    does removing the cat converter on a 3.5 ltr petrol do any thing to the dynamics of the motor ? ie back pressure etc . and yes i know it is illegal . thank you.

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    Unless someone has tested on a dyno before and after a catalytic converter it is difficult to say what the difference will be.

    A few years back for anyone who can remember we had to run "mufflers" at Bathurst. The engines had to be tuned with them on. Taking them off had an adverse effect. So unless you dyno the engine/car you can 'think' it runs much better but ... who knows.

    I'd prefer the car with them off (a straight through sytem all the way to the back) but it needs to be tuned properly to have any effect.
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      One of my pajeros (my evo) has no cat converter. Only side effects i have noticed that is different from the regular NL is a popping from the exhaust when i shift down at high rpm (octane booster fixes that) and the exhaust stinks, really bad.
      Bought the car like that so i have no idea what impact it has on performance but i can only assume that it was tuned for it not to have one.
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        i have gone through 2 cat convertors with previous vehicles and i must say i wish they didn,t exist, its just an extra componant that will wear out just like a muffler but much more expensive.
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