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hard to select reverse

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  • hard to select reverse

    The young fella was trying to reverse the other day and forced the the shifter into reverse (NM Manual). Its always been a little notchy but now its almost impossible to get into reverse. I have to play through the gears a bit before selecting reverse..

    any ideas??
    2001 NM 3.5ltr manual, 2"Lovells lift, D694 LT265/70/16, ECB alloy bar, Hella lights, Uniden UHF, Rhino track mount and basket, Cargo barrier, awning, Home made drawers.

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    I have same problem in
    My shorty 5th gear is almost as bad as reverse on mine too. I'm interested to know more
    Swb nh import 3.0 v6 5spd man, ralliart, lifted, locked and charged on 37" creepys!!


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      mine got forced and now its a problem. any ideas anyone ? nm manual reverse gear


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        My Max Elery W/S manual doesn't say anything about adjustments on the gearshift It does indicate for the V5MT1 transmission that there are teflon bushes on the selector rods. These may be worn. It says nothing about selectors for the V5M31 transmission.


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          feels like a gate issue. haynes doesnt seem to have anything. google mentions a reverse lockout pin.

          so im thinking do i need to remove the whole selector assembly ? or just the cueball size rubber boot at the base of the shift lever ?


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            I have the same issue. I have already replaced the small plastic basket at the end of the Gear lever (23995 in the diagram) but it has not made any difference. On the UK forum they talk about the reverse interlock pawl gets bent and causes issues. I only know that it is located to the right hand side of the gear lever but nobody has given any details on a part number or how to repair it. If someone has details on this I would much appreciate it. Can anyone identify the reverse interlock pawl on the diagram?
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