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whats this rattle?

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  • whats this rattle?

    I know this is hard to describe so will do my best. I have a 3.5 NL Paj that has developed a noise that appears to come from under the bonnet. A very tinny sound like Ringo Starr is banging on the cymbals. Now the problem is its intermittent - sometimes faint, other times pretty loud. Slightly backing off the accelarater and it goes. Might not hear it for a few k's but then 3 or 4 times within 500 metres. Sometimes appears to be brought on by hitting a bump in the road, other times not. I initally thought a heat shield, bash plate, number plate might have been loose but all that l can see are tight as a fishes bum.
    Does anyone have a clue as to what maybe my problem
    Apprecriate any opinions because quiet frankly l have no feckin idea

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    Just having a stab in the dark, on my old NH there was a shroud around one of the Uni Joints that had come loose and would rattle sometimes but not others, could make quite a clanging sound when it wanted to or just about none at all.
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      Thanks Craka - lucky enough to get it up on a hoist today and found a loose bolt that held a bracket securing the exhaust between the cat convertor & engine. Have tightened that up and hoping thats the issue. One of those things hard to find lying on your back but a lot easier when you can get the car on a hoist.


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