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Front NS CV same as NP,NM??

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  • Front NS CV same as NP,NM??

    G'day guys
    Shattered (great weekend) a front CV on the NS. Question is are they the same as a NP, NM etc
    I know the rears are different but the fronts????
    Looking at a complete change over unit.

    .Previously an NP GLX 3.8 auto RIP
    NS VRX DiD auto. RIP.

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    Looking at this up to NS in petrol are the same
    Old, NP Exceed 3.5 petrol, ARB Bull bar, Warn winch, Bush Skinz Bash plates ,2inch lift, Safari Snorkel. ***Now Sold***
    New, RG Colorado Dual Cab Tray


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      Im a little clued up about front CV's on pajeros at the moment, but still mostly confused. From what I have found some NM, NP and NS 3.5/3.8 V6's and the early NM 2.8TD use the same front CV's. SOME Gen 3/4 V6 3.8's *apparently* use common CV's wit the majority of 3.2TD. However there is also some variation between models of the 3.2TD with some having a distance between the non-diagonal bolts on the shaft of 88mm and the others 90mm.

      I found this out trying to find CV's for my 2000 3.2 DiD that has a original VIN that would indicate that it was once originally, or intended to be a 3.5 V6. So I'm in no mans land. The best way is to find a seller with an in-depth catalog that knows the particular variants of pajero models. Like this:

      Which would indicate that that yours is the same as used in all 3.2 pajeros from 2000-2009


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        Which side did you do? I got the front right from a wreckers in Brisbane for $190 - I am sure he still has the other side!!! I tried a couple of after markets but no good. OEM is $1100!!!! Southside wreckers in Brisbane was where I sourced it from.

        Kind regards, Paul


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          Originally posted by PaulF View Post

          I tried a couple of after markets but no good.
          How so? Did they shatter as well? Im only interested as mine are still together but are seriously on the way out and make an awful noise in 4H. Sorry for the hi-jack but are the after markets seriously rubbish?


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            Right side CV gone. Seems you can get them on fleabay for $240ish new. If I get the right one.
            Is there a visible part number?
            How can it be so hard?
            .Previously an NP GLX 3.8 auto RIP
            NS VRX DiD auto. RIP.


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