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    Why do diesel items such as oil and air filters cost so much more than their petrol counterparts? I know the oil filter is around 4x the size but even so...
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    Air filter. No idea what your talking about. Same for diesel and petrols in the gen 3 and 4's anyway.
    Oil filter. It has to do a lot more work and filter finer. Some are dual filters.
    half full flow other half bybass low mircon.
    Reason then cost more is simple. They cost more to make.
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      It's like when you add the word Baby or Motorbike to an item.
      Adding the word Diesel to something makes it sound more exclusive and special so it comes with a price tag to match
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        It all depends on where you buy the filters.
        Genuine oil filter is about $50 and genuine fuel filter is about $65 if you buy from a Mitsubishi car dealer.
        I'm getting exactly the same genuine fuel filter for $19 and fleetguard oil filters for about $22 each from a Fuso truck dealer.....
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          Different brand but I use Nippon Max filters and just had a filter pack. Air, fuel and oil arrive at my door for $70.
          I don't call that expensive.
          Genuine would be another story.

          Also my 2.8L diesel Hilux took a Z9 oil filter. Probably the cheapest oil filter you can buy.
          .Previously an NP GLX 3.8 auto RIP
          NS VRX DiD auto. RIP.


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